Sleep Well With A Natural Cure For Sleep Disorder

Divya Dashmool Kwath

Buy now hereSleep disorders have become a very common problem in our society. There are various factors which cause sleep disorders. Medical problems or diseases like asthma, hypertension, high blood pressure or painful arthritis, psychological problems like anxiety attacks and depression, genetic problem of sleeping, bad environmental conditions like noisy areas, late night working habits and aging are all factors which cause sleep disorders. While over the counter medications are available for curing sleep disorders, the best way is to opt for natural cure for sleep disorder.

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The medicines available for curing sleep disorders mostly concentrate on treating the causes like hypertension, blood pressure, etc. But sometimes a person fails to get sleep inspite of taking treatment for other health problems. Experimenting with various different kinds of medicines might be unsafe as all medicines which are not natural have some or the other side effects. Therefore, here are some home remedies which you can follow to cure sleep disorders naturally.

Home remedies for sleep disorder

  • Basil garlic and cinnamon are wonderful ingredients which are proven to reduce the blood pressure levels, reduce hypertension and also calm down the nerves of the human body and help in relaxing and preparing the body for a good night’s sleep. Incorporate these in your diet.
  • Exercise regularly to sleep better. Exercising early in the mornings has shown positive results to bring sleep faster. Late night exercises are not recommended as the body sleeps better when it has cooled down and exercising just before sleeping warms up the body.
  • Eat banana just before you sleep. The vitamin C and the mineral potassium present in banana is said to induce sleep by releasing the hormone melatonin which brings sleep to the body. This is one of the best natural cure for sleep disorder.
  • Drink warm milk before bed. Warm milk with little pieces of solid or pasted almond nuts is a great source of calcium and potassium which activates the brain to produce the hormone melatonin which causes good sleep.
  • Research has shown that a deficiency of Magnesium by even as low as 0.01% makes the brain unstable. An unstable brain means that the brain takes a long time to settle and calm down at night. Therefore having magnesium rich foods like wheat germ, leafy green vegetables like spinach, almonds and pumpkin seeds will help you to sleep better at nights.
  • Drink at least 3 liters of water throughout the day. A dehydrated body will have more problems in sleeping than a hydrated one.

Therefore, these are some of the natural cure for sleep disorders. If followed effectively, all these remedies will surely give positive results and help you get a good night’s sleep. Stress, anxiety levels and causes of depression should also be reduced to get positive results. Making a bit of lifestyle changes like sleeping in a semi dark or a dark room and in pin drop silence with the phone and television switched off will also help a lot in sleeping better.

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