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Can I Lower my Blood Pressure without Medicines?

High blood pressure or hypertension is a very  common problem and several people with different ages are dealing with that. When you are having the same then you need to go on medications and also on the same time you should make some diet and lifestyle changes to strengthen the treatment plan but if the question is how to lower your blood pressure without medication then it would go little tricky, but actually it is possible. This is in fact safest idea as you needn’t to eat several medicines for keeping the blood pressure under control.

Blood Pressure is less than 120/80, is it Ok? – 120/80mmHg is considered as normal blood pressure but if you are having blood pressure lesser than that then it would be OK for you if you are not noticing any such irritating symptoms and if something is there then quite possibly that may be due to any medical issue like blood loss, anemia or bad heart etc. Having medical problems in the body makes is prone, then also patient is more likely to caught with diabetes so you should regularly go for medical check-ups which would help you to diagnose the body and also if there is any such problem present there then also can be treated at the first level.

Is Keeping an Eye to Diet is Necessary?- If you are constantly seeking raise in your blood pressure and not having any medical issue then it can be there due to your diet. In taking high sodium foods including processed meat or high salty snacks may be the reason of your problem. So, switch them with in taking low sodium fresh vegetable soups and it would help to lower your blood pressure. Even if you like to eat more salt it is possible to take low sodium diet but with a trick. You can use potassium chloride in place of having high sodium and extra potassium would make your blood pressure count under control. Also, in place of having large meals on three time in a day you can take three small meals in a day with two snacks. As snack you are not allowed to consume high fatty foods need to eat foods where you can eat a fresh fruits, salad or soups.

How to get you are salt sensitive ?- People who are hypertensive are more likely to be sensitive to sodium and not controlling the sodium intake can constantly rise the blood pressure and the effect is more powerful compared to its effect over the other groups. So, cut back down and keep monitoring your blood pressure and if after sodium control the count is going then you would have achieved how to lower your blood pressure and best part is you are doing that without having any medications. Generally a normal person is suggested to intake 1500mg to 2300mg of sodium daily and hypertensive should cut that down and the work is done.

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