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Divya Udaramrita Vati – a perfect help to digestive and stomach problems


From the house of Swami Ramdev ji, these are natural aids for digestion. Known as Divya Udaramrita Vati, these herbal digestive aids are extremely helpful in curing any stomach problem. People suffering from acute gastric and chronic digestive ailments have found this herbal medicine very helpful. This gives a remedy to all kind of stomach problems like pain in the abdomen, indigestion, liver problems, chronic fever, diarrhea, jaundice, constipation and anemia.

Main Ingredients of the Medicine
b) Bhumyamalaki or bhumi amala
c) Kakamaci or makoy
d) Citraka
e) Amala
f) Bibhitaka or baheda
g) Trivit or nishoth
h) Kutaki
i) Mango seeds
j) Bilva
k) Ajawayan
l) Bitter variety of Ativisha
m) Ghrita –kumari or Aloe
n) Mukta shukti Bhasma
o) Kaisisa Bhasma
p) Lauha Bhasma
q) Shankha Bhasma
r) Mandura Bhasma

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Advantages and Benefits

a) Digestive problems like abdominal pain, any kind of liver disease, anaemia, indigestion, supressed digestive ailments, chronic fever etc are cured by taking this medicine on a regular basis.
b) Many kind of gastric ailments are treated by divya udaramrita vati.
c) Occurrence of infections in the gastric area is treated.
d) Regular usage of the medicine helps in attaining a slim and toned down outward look.
e) Acidity and hyperacidity problems get cured.
f) It helps in the promotion of peristaltic movement.
g) It is very useful in treating constipation.
h) Various type of chronic fever is also treated using divya udaramrita vati.
i) It helps in enhancing appetite.
j) It also provides relief from ailments like flatulence of stomach, vomiting, indigestion , nausea and many more ailments.
k) It not only improves the immune system but also helps in curing many digestive disorders.

Therapeutic Usage of divya udaramrita vati

For curing all kind of abdominal problems like abdominal pain, constipation, acidity, hyperacidity, liver problems etc. this medicine is a great remedy.

Process of taking the medicine

The right dosage for effective treatment is one to two tablets can be taken two times a day. This can once be taken after breakfast in the morning and also after dinner. This is recommended to be taken with warm milk or lukewarm water.

Prevents occurrence of medicines

Divya udaramrita vati is the one solution to the question how to cure abdominal pain. It prevents the occurrence of many digestive problems like indigestion, pain, chronic fever, acidity, hyperacidity, flatulence, constipation, liver problems etc.

How to cure abdominal pain at home?
a) Stomach problem can very effectively be removed by using mint leaves. If chewed every day in the morning these herbal leaves help treating many chronic digestive problems.

b) By drinking a glass of water with one teaspoon of baking soda after meals can keep many gastrointestinal ailments far away.
c) Another herbal remedy is to cut some potatoes in water and boil them and then drink some water from it. This acts in curing some gastrointestinal problems at a fast pace.
d) One can also drink a mix of water and lemon juice after meals for removing any gastric problems.
e) Treating acidity is easily done right at home. Every morning chew some tulsi leaves on a regular basis for effective results
f) To get relief from gastric problems one can also drink warm water mixed with a pinch of asafoetida every morning
g) A mixture of coriander and ginger juice every day in an equal amount can also give very good results.

Dietary recommendations

Digestive problems can be treated effectively using the Divya udarmarita vita. This wonderful natural product is a remedy for many disorders of the stomach. Once can get huge benefits by making many dietary changes on a daily basis. These dietary changes can give a solution of how to cure abdominal pain.

Stomach painOne must have a lot of fluids on a daily basis to keep the system toxin free and free from harmful agents. A well balanced diet along with enough intake of water will help in keeping the digestive system disorder free.

Some changes in life style to help get more effective results

Every medicine alone cannot cure if a person does not make any changes in lifestyle and eating habits. It is very important to understand that every treatment takes time and a well maintained lifestyle can only give healthy life. People who take these medicines are really recommended to do workouts. A daily morning or evening walk can do wonders for the human body. One can also practice yoga on a daily basis to see long term results. Yoga and meditation are said to be very effective in keeping the human mind and body at peace.

Frequently asked questions about Divya Udaramrita Vati

1) Are there any side effects on the digestive system ?

There are no negative side effects of using the divya udaramrita vati. It is a great cure to any kind of stomach problem.

2) How does it affects the digestive system?

This herbal medicine is extremely beneficial for the digestive system. It helps in the promotion of the digestive fire also known as the Pitta. By making the digestive system strong and immune system strong, you can use this herbal remedy on a regular basis.

3) Why is the name Divya Udaramrita Vati given and what does it mean?

The significance of the name is such that it defines to be beneficial for the entire gastric and digestive system of the human body.

4) For how long is it needed to be taken for effective results?

It is highly recommend that one uses this medicine for a really long duration of time for best results. Long term use will help in relieving one from acute and chronic ailments. It helps in eliminating the disease right from its source. As a result the probability for the disease to occur again is very rare.

5) Can one take it regularly?

Yes it is positive to take this medicine for a long time. It has no negative side effects at all. Even if one is not suffering from any digestive ailment still this medicine acts as a fighting agent to the human immune system.

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