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Divya Udarkalp Churna – A Permanent digestive Aid

From the house of the Divya pharmacy here comes another natural and herbal cure for treating chronic problem of indigestion. This herbal medicine contains ingredients which help to revitalise the digestive organs of a human body. People who are suffering from digestive problems can use this and get cured once and for all. This medicine acts as an active stimulant for the digestive system and gives relief to all those people who suffer from chronic indigestion and digestive ailments. This herbal product gives the body a great digestive support.

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Natural remedy to following digestive problems
Divya udarkalp churna provides amazing indigestion remedies to the stomach. It relieves the digestive system from ailments like vomiting, diarrhoea, flatulence, constipation, acidity or pain in stomach and many more.
Benefits of using this miracle package
a) It helps by stimulating the various organs of the digestive system. This medicine helps in proper digestion. Hence, people suffering from chronic digestive ailments get a quick relief.
b) Divya udarkalp churna acts as a very mild purgative.
c) Stomach ailments like constipation, stomach pain, flatulence etc. are treated permanently if this medicine is used regularly.
d) When taken for a long period of time, this medicine acts as an active stimulant to the entire digestive system
e) Divya udarkalp churna acts as a great stimulating agent for the stomach where gastric juices are secreted. This acts as a medium of enhancing metabolism rate in the human body.
f) Any kind of liver problems get cured successfully by the regular use of this medicine. Liver problems like cirrhosis can also be treated by this wonder drug
g) This medicine when taken also helps in releasing mucus from the human lungs which in turn helps in the cure of many respiratory ailments
h) Young children who suffer from loss of appetite can use this herbal medicine.
i) This natural indigestion remedial medicine also acts as a natural appetizer.
j) Young children suffering from constipation problems has got permanent relief by taking this medicine. It is an authentic constipation natural treatment.
How to take the divya udarkalp Churna
It is best recommended to take this herbal medicine with warm milk or with warm water at night. It gives immense digestive support to the human digestive system.
Prevents occurrence and reoccurrence of diseases
a) Stomach ailments
b) Constipation
c) Stomach pain
d) Flatulence
e) Liver problems
f) Respiratory problems
g) Skin problems
Home remedial measures
a)One of the easy home remedy to fight acidity is to add a spoon of honey inside a glass of milk which is cold and drink it every day. This acts as a constipation natural treatment right at home.
b) Another natural remedy to cure any kind of gastric ailments right at home is to use ajwain. Having little ajwain with some salt and drinking warm water can give a quick relief from stomach pain or flatulence.
c) Ginger is another natural ingredient to fight a lot of digestive problems. One suffering from digestive problems, stomach pain and flatulence can definitely increase ginger intake in their diet
d) One can add some baking soda in a glass of water and drink it for neutralizing acidity content in the stomach. It gives a very fast relief to acidity problems and is an addition to many indigestion remedies.
e) A mix of one teaspoon lemon juice with one teaspoon of ginger juice in a glass of warm water with little honey is an active and quick way to relieve one from indigestive problems.
Symptoms of Eczema are as follows: –
a) One suffering from eczema experiences itchiness and inflammation in the skin.
b) The skin might appear to be having rashes, blisters, redness, scaling and even cracks,
c) Rashes can be experienced in legs or arm areas
d) One can also find occurrence of swellings and rashes in the elbow and knees.
e) Patients suffering from eczema often finds discomfort while sleeping
Reasons of psoriasis & eczema
a) Like eczema, people suffering from psoriasis experience red patches on the skin
b) Scaly skin with inflammations on the skin are a common occurrence
c) One also can see cracked skin or occurrence of blisters on joints
d) It often leads to a lot of emotional stress.
Dietary suggestions while using the package
a) Dietary changes like avoiding a lot of spicy food can also give relief from digestive ailments.
b) One must increase the intake of fluid for flushing out harmful toxins from the body. Toxins are chemical accumulations in the body which leads to acidity and stomach problems
c) One is also recommended to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables in their regular diet. They contain a lot of natural vitamins and minerals which is needed for the overall nourishment of the body.

Frequently asked Queries

1. Regular use of divya udarkalp churna removes which dosha?

One who takes divya udarkalp churna on a regular basis gets freedom from Pitta dosha. People suffering from indigestion problems like heart burns, acidity, hyperacidity etc. gets a lot of relief using this medicine. It is a great digestive support to mankind.

2. Can loose motion and diarrhoea be experienced as a side effect if used regularly?

No. The divya udarkalp churna if taken regularly never gives rise to any kind of negative side effects such as diarrhoea or loose motion. This is said to be one of the best indigestion remedies.

3. Does it produce any other physical side effects?

This herbal product is completely side effect free. It is a very popular constipation natural treatment one can take regularly without any fear of side effects.

4.Does it needs to be consumed daily?

One does not need to take this medicine on a regular basis. Even if not taken regularly it produces long lasting. It not only gives relief from digestive ailments but also acts as a positive agent in strengthening the immune system.

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