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Divya Ajmodadi Churna Is Herbal Medicine for Arthritis Pain Relief

Divya Ajmodadi Churna


Arthritis- the joint destroyer reduces the flexibility of the joints. Joints- the common hinge point where two bones meet. This pivot point is always subjected to wear and tear due to the rubbing actions of the two surfaces. This wear and tear puts the joint at the risk of developing pain in the joints which could go to severe extent if left unattended.

To get relief from the affects of arthritis, Divya Ajmodadi Churna – a blend of natural herbs is highly recommended for the patients suffering from arthritis. This churna increases flexibility of the joints and gives the bones enough strength that could help to withstand the effects of pain. This medicine in the powder form is not any medicine that could increase the rigidity of the bones.

This churna also reduces any swelling like of symptoms in the joints and the bones if there are any such signs.

Herbal Medicine for Arthritis

This gives relief from pain and improves the lubrication between two moving parts. Blessed with sufficient powers, this joint pain supplement relieves pain and gives us some teachings on

How to Treat Arthritis.

This churna does not generate any side effects as it has been formulated by combining the powers of various healing herbs.

One of the best organic remedy, provides various nutritious values to the bones and improves the maneuverability of the bones. It gives strength to the tissues that attaches to the bones and gives the tissues enough strength so as to aid in effective functioning of the joints.

Regular users experience good results and does not feel any abrupt changes in the performance of the joints due to the herbal preparation of the churna. Herbs always have been a natural choice for ages for all.

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Symptoms for Arthritis

Symptoms that could help a person to easily identify the arthritis are:

  • stiffness in the joints
  • difficulty experienced when moving a joint
  • sometimes swelling in the joints
  • pain

Causes for arthritis

Some causes for arthritis are:

  • Certain type of injury.
  • immune-activeness i.e. your overactive immune system.
  • certain types of infections in the joints.

Prevention for Arthritis

Some the precautions that could be taken if you have arthritis are:

  • Keep your body warm even in winters as cool temperatures could make severe pain in the joints.
  • Take good rest when needed as it could give relief from the pain.
  • Keep stress away from the body.
  • Ice-cream could be avoided.
  • Keep your weight under check as excess of weight aggravates the pain.
  • Drinks needs to be avoided as alcohol is dangerous for arthritis patients.
  • Chocolate could be avoided as it increases the pain.
  • moving of the joints by regularly exercising could prevent the arthritis from affecting the joints

Recommended Diet for Arthritis

Some of the foods that could be taken by arthritis patients are:

Sugar: excess of sugar affects the body and adversely risk the performance of the joints. Sugar deposits in the joints and sugar precipitates limit the movement of the joints.

Coffee: coffee contains adhesives that clings to the joints and limits their normal movement. coffee though loved around the world could endanger the joints at the risk of arthritis.

Butter: butter is not recommended for the patients of arthritis as butter deposits in the spaces of the joints and limits their normal movements. Beware of butter and take in precautions.

Salt: salt content in the foods must be limited as excess of salt could increase the joint pain. So salt must be taken in limited quantity.

Dairy products: Dairy products need to be limited for patients suffering from arthritis.

Green vegetables: green vegetables could be very beneficial for people who are suffering from arthritis pains. Green vegetables contain energy boosters that help to fight arthritis pain. So, take them for the good.

Home Remedies for Arthritis & Joint Pain

Some of the remedies that could be tried at home and are helpful in getting some relief from the pain of arthritis are:

Exercise Regularly: let us give our joints a regular dose of exercise. Exercises help to lubricate the joints and give relief from pain.

Cycling is Good: Cycling is a good home remedy for the arthritis patients. It makes the joints movable and let them happily enjoy the movement. Cycling could be done on the road or it could also e done in a room by there is some difference in the type of cycle as in room; one needs a static cycle instead of a regular cycle.

Ginger tea: let’s enjoy some ginger tea but make a good taste of getting the full plate of benefits when this ginger tea is mixed with some turmeric powder. Helps to bring relief from pain.

Drinks and alcohol-: Drinks and alcohol needs to be avoided.

More water: drink more water during the day. Water takes away the bacteria that have been making joints their permanent home.

Tasty magnesium: get some taste of magnesium. Magnesium relaxes the body muscles and removes any signs of stiffness in the joints.

Frequently Asked Questions about Divya Ajmodadi Churna (FAQ)

Q1. How does this Divya Ajmodadi Churna give strength to the bones and the joints?

Ans. Prepared from the extracts of natural herbs, this churna improves the strength of the tissues that attaches to the joints and improves their maneuverability.

Q2. Is the medicine safe for people of all ages?

Ans. Yes, this churna or herbal medicine safe for people of all ages and does not have any side effects.

Q3. Are there side effects involved in using this herbal formulation?

Ans. No, there are no side effects involved in using this herbal churna if used to give relief from arthritis.


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