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Divya Amavatari Ras is Natural Remedy for Arthritis/ joint pain

Divya Amavatari Ras is a combination of natural and herbal products which works wonderfully on joint pain and provides relief. It is an ayurvedic medicine which is available in tablet form. It is a very effective herbal treatment for arthritis. The medicine is to be taken under the supervision or prescription of doctor because of ingredients which are heavy metallic. This joint pain natural remedy is purely beneficial as it does not leave any side effect on the patient. It is gives sudden effect on the paining joints. As we all know calcium deficiency causes pain in joints and most of the people suffer with this disease and mostly other treatments can provide some relief for a smaller period but long lasting cure can only be provided with the help of ayurvedic treatment. It is the treatment which stops the disease to attack back again on body.

Ingredients Included in Divya Amavatari Ras:

  1. Rasa (herbal purified mercury) – 10gm
  2. Shudha gandhaka (herbal purified sulphur) – 20gm
  3. Haritaki (chebulic Myrobalan fruit rind) – 10gm
  4. Amalkai (Indian gooseberry fruit) – 10gm
  5. Guggulu (Indian bedelium) – 10gm
  6. Vibhitaki (Belliric Myroballan fruit rind) – 10gm
  7. Erandataila (castor oil)
  8. Vahni (lead wort) – 40gm

The basic mixture of these ingredients is provided in the form of Divya Amavatari Ras package and in tablets form.
We would like to suggest you to get prescription from doctor and then take any dose of the medicine because of the heavy metallic ingredients involved in it. Generally it is said that you need not take more than 250mg of the medicine.

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Some Benefits of Divya Amavatari Ras are Discussed Here:

  • Divya Amavatari Ras provides herbal treatment for arthritis and has no side effects.
  • Medicine provides instant relief to paining joints.
  • Its anti-inflammatory properties decrease inflammation in joints and provide relief.
  • It helps in providing relief to joint pain and helps in reducing swelling over the joint.
  • Divya Amavatari Ras makes the joint worth functioning and also makes it pain free.
  • It has long lasting effect on the joints if taken regularly as it has no side effects.
  • It is a very good medicine rich in calcium.
  • It is such a wonderful product that it suits everyone.
  • This medicine helps in providing strength to the joints if it is taken after consulting doctor.

Symptoms of Arthritis and Joint Pain


Constantly Increase in Pain

After a particular age most of people find difficulty while standing, working with their hands or during walking. These are the basic symptoms which show that you are now heading towards old age and it is common in people.


You will start having the feel of inflammation in your joint and now you need to Consult doctor because it may make serious effect on your body. It happens when extra useless fluids start their formation in the joint. Generally this type of inflammation ends when you take the anti-inflammation drugs.


While sleeping the joints of hand or foot may start swelling, this is the indication that you are the target of arthritis. Any joint usually swells because of a long period of inactivity like we said earlier during sleep time. You will feel that the joint has become warm and the skin color will change to red.

Formation of Space Between Bones

Steadily you will start feeling problem while moving your joints. It can be easily diagnosed with the help of X- ray machine and you can get your treatment started soon. When this type of some problem arises that indicates you are going to suffer from osteoarthritis and this is a very usual technique.

Difficulty Moving

The movement of your paining joint will restrict itself and will not allow you to make less movement. You cannot take part in any athletic activity as your joint will pain more worse after it.

Causes or Arthritis

Heavy Weight

A person with heavy weight is at very high risk to get caught by knee arthritis because knees are such a joint that helps us do all our day to day works and a person with heavy weight usually find it difficult to do and is mostly dependent upon other and if you do it of your own then you should be ready for suffering.

Age factor

After a certain age this type of disease takes shape and if these disease does not catch you then all thanks to your proper diet and routine exercises.


After all proper diets and healthy routines also you may get caught by the disease only if the disease is in your genes or you can say if any of your father or forefather suffered by this disease but this is not always the reason.

Type of job

If you are working and your job is kind of standing job or mostly of constant sitting job then you may be at risk of arthritis. as you are going to put constant pressure on your knees and make the muscles and cartilage weak.


The disease could attack you because of metabolic disorders like if you have excess of iron in body or excess growth hormones in the body.

So plan your diet.

Prevention and Diet Recommendation for Arthritis

  • Start losing your weight if it is more than required.
  • Exercising regularly reduces the risk of joint pain but it should be done at a normal base so that it does not act hardly or badly to you.
  • There are some types of drugs in the market which helps reducing inflammation but some time they can damage your immune system.
  • Massage your joint with hot oil to get relief.
  • If swelling is on your hand than try out the method and wear gloves during sleeping. It will help in reducing the problem.
  • Lemon contains vitamin-c and is very helpful in decreasing pain of joints. Include juice in your diet. Mix one tea spoon of lemon juice to water and drink it twice a day.

These were some tips you can try it you are suffering from arthritis problem.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ’S)

Q1: Should we cure this disease with the help of surgery?

Ans: We won’t recommend you because it is risky process and can make you dependent on others for lifetime.

Q2: In what quantity we need to take this medicine?

Ans: As per doctor’s prescription but not more than 250mg in 2 days.

Q3: Are home remedies useful?

Ans: They actually work If you take it in proper method.

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