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Divya Ashmarihar Kwath Natural for Pain During Urination Treatment

Divya Ashmarihar Kwath is also known as VrikkDosh Har Kwath in Ayurveda. It is Baba Ramdev product and specially produces for those people who are suffering from urination problems. Sometimes we are feeling pain during urination, this medicine helps to provide relief from that pain.

There are many factors behind urination problems like kidneys disorder, renal calculus, urethras and bladder. Our kidneys played most important role to produce urine. Kidneys help to filtering the blood and produce the urine. If any problem comes in kidney we are suffering from urine problems. You can take Divya Ashmarihar Kwath which helps to treat urination related problems. It is very effective renal calculus treatment. You can take this medicine regularly without many risks. This medicine is combination of some herbs which are natural and produce no side effects.

Directions to Use Divya Ashmarihar Kwath-100gm

Take one teaspoon or 5 gram medicine from pack and mix it in 400 ml water. Boil it until it remains 100 ml. Use this medicine before breakfast and dinner. Take 100 gram medicine in 10 days.

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Benefits of Divya Ashmarihar Kwath

  • This is natural treatment for urination disorders and produces no side effects.
  • This medicine helps to solve the renal stone problems.
  • Urination blood problem can be prevented by this medicine.
  • Kidney stones can also be prevented by this medicine.
  • It is very effective to provide relief from pain in urination problem.
  • Sometimes we are suffering from urine infections, this medicine helps to treat the infections problems.
  • Many types of kidney infections are treated by this medicine.

Symptoms of Urination Problems

  • Urine comes with blood. Sometimes we our urine comes with little blood. It is symptoms of urination disorder.
  • Pain during passing the urine. It is a symptom of kidney problems. Our kidneys are not working properly.
  • Yellow colored urine.
  • Unexpected weight loss.
  • Pain in stomach.
  • Strong and bad smell of urine.
  • Dry skin
  • When our kidney are not working properly, our kidney are feel with toxins and dust and we are feeling some little pain in kidneys.

Causes of Urination Problems

  • The main reason behind urine problem is we are not drinking enough water. Water is very useful to treat the urination problems. Water works to detox the kidneys and prevent us from diseases. If you are not drinking enough water our food is also not digesting properly.
  • Harmful bacteria and infections can cause urination problem. Our digestive organs have limited power to digest the food. When we eat bad food this food is not digesting properly and collected in our body and the result comes in extra fat, kidney stone and urine disorders.
  • Use of drugs, drugs is very harmful for body. It damages the blood vessels and produces the many types of disorders in body.
  • Bladder cancer can produce the urination problems.
  • Diabetes is another serious disease which can cause the urination problems.
  • Too much use of alcohol and tobacco products.
  • Extra consumption of vitamin C and B.
  • When we take calcium products, then it is necessary that we are more physically active to consume that calcium. If we are not consuming that calcium properly the result comes in calcium based stones.
  • Cancer treatments can also lead to urination problems.

Prevention in Urination Problems

Don’t Dehydrate-: Drink proper water in a day which helps to detox your body and kidneys time to time. Doctor’s recommended 3 liters water in a day.

Control on Your Eating Habits-: People who eat fast foods and spicy foods they have more chances of developing infections and bacteria that can lead to urination problems.

Drug Control-: Don’t drink alcohol and Quit to all types of Tobacco Products.

Need to Vitamin-: Consume Vitamin B and C in limit, too much use of these vitamins can lead to health related problems.

Yoga and Exercise-: Don’t skip the Yoga and exercise, it helps to consume the food in your body and prevented from kidney stones.

Diet Recommended in Urination Problems

  • Drink Lemon Juice. Lemon contains the anti bacterial and anti-inflammation properties which help to fight against infections and inflammation in body.
  • Oats are great source of fiber and vitamins which helps to provide the energy to digestive organs and oats very easy to consume.
  • Eat more fluids. In kidney diseases and urine problems fluids are always recommended. Fluids help to prevent from urine problems. So consume atleast 1 liter fluid in a day.
  • Use more spices and herbs in place of salt in meal.
  • Eat more raw vegetables.
  • Don’t drink water without boiling it.
  • Eat more protein foods like eggs, milk, nuts, beans and grains.

Home remedies Advice in Urination Problems

Drink plenty of water in a day. This is best remedy to treat urine problems. Almost half problems of urine can be prevented by water. Water helps to eliminate the toxins which can produce the infections in body. Change in your life style. If you eat healthy food and takes the vitamins according to your body’s recruitments than you have very chances of developing health problems. Eat a healthy diet and never skip your meals. Add yoga and exercise in your lifestyle. Yoga helps to digest the food properly and prevent from kidney problems. Natural medicines are very effective, if you are suffering from Urine problems, takes only natural medicines because they are safe and very effective.

Frequently Asked Question About Urine Problems

Q1. How Much Water will be Recommended in Urine Problems?

In urine problem doctors recommended atleast 3 liters water in a day.

Q2. Benefits of Fluids in Urine Disorder?

Fluids helps to detox our kidneys are preventing us from infections.

Q3. I am 70 years Old and Suffering from Urine Infection, can I use Divya Ashmarihar Kwath regularly?

Yes, any age of people can use this medicine, it is safe to use and produce no side effects.

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