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Divya Younamrit Vati herbal Medicine for Sexual Disorders- Stimulants

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medicine for sexual disordersDivya Younamrit Vati is an herbal sexual remedy which is developed by Swami Ramdev’s Ayurveda Pharmacy. This natural herb specially produced to eliminate sexual disorder. Younamrit Vati contains some natural herbs which are very beneficial in general debility, decrease of strength, low sperm count etc.

It is very peerless Vati which helps to clean your body by removing toxins and bacteria’s. Divya Younamrit Vati contains herbs named Swarna Bhasma, Akara Karabha, Bala, Junda Bedastra, Jati Patri and Jati Phala etc. This medicine also helps you to looks younger. These natural herbs keep your skin glow by purifying your whole body. Any age of people can use this medicine especially in the old age when your sexual stimulants become very low. You can say that it is natural herbal sexual stimulants which are very beneficial in last longer life.

Directions to use Divya Younamrit Vati

Use of Divya Younamrit is very simple, take 1 tablet in the morning with hot milk and 1 tablet in the night with hot milk.

Benefits of Divya Younamrit Vati

  • Divya Younamrit Vati is a very beneficial sexual tonic to improve your sexual activity.
  • This natural herb helps to improve your energy and eliminate the sexual weakness problem.
  • Any age of people can use this. It produces no side effects on your body. In old age some people are suffering from hormone problem, they can use it and prevent from advance aging problem.
  • Helps to improve your blood flow and eliminate the all the toxins from body.
  • This medicine is very effective in sexual dysfunctions. It provides you a quick relief in sexual dysfunctions.
  • Regular use of this medicine helps to promote younger skin health.

Symptoms of Sexual Diseases

Some Common symptoms of sexual diseases are including:

  • Pain during passing urine.
  • Blood in pain
  • High fever and long time headache is a sign of headache.
  • Physically weakness.
  • Less sexual desire.
  • Pain during eructation.

Causes of Sexual Diseases

There are number of reasons that contribute to sexual diseases, they are as follow:

Use High Doses of Drugs: Drugs are very harmful for body. Drugs such as alcohol, tobacco, heroin, cannabis and medicines for lowering high blood pressure can create sexual disorders in body.

Long Term Diseases: Long term diseases like diabetes, heart problem and kidney diseases can lead affects on sexual function.

Stress and Depression: Our sexual health is depending on our hormones. Sometimes we are taking more stress and depressions, it creates sexual hormones imbalance problems and we are suffering from sexual problems.

Bacteria and Virus: Some bacteria’s like (gonorrhea) and viruses like (HIV) are serious diseases which are related sexual problems.

Prevention in Sexual Diseases

  1. To avoid sexual diseases, you remember some simple things which can contribute to sexual diseases. By avoiding all these factors you can prevent from diseases.
  2. Don’t use tobacco products and prevent from too much use of alcohol. Tobacco and alcohol effects on our blood flow. So try to use less these products.
  3. Use less medication to treat diabetes and high blood pressure. Antibiotic medications contain many types of content which effects on your sexual strength. It can produce physical weakness in body. So try to treat your diseases naturally. Now a day’s many herbal treatments are available in Ayurveda which can control your high blood pressure and diabetes. Theses herbs are more effective and produce no side effects in body.
  4. Go for exercise and Yoga on daily wages. There are many type of Yoga and exercises are recommended which helps to promote your sexual health and prevent from diseases.
  5. Prevent from Virus and Bacteria. There are many factors which can develop virus and bacteria in body like unhealthy foods, nasty water, and bad environment. Try to drink boiled water. Boiled water contains no bacteria and virus free. Don’t eat unhealthy foods like oily foods, saturated foods and junk foods.

Diet Recommended in Sexual Diseases

There are lots of foods which help to prevent from sexual diseases including:

Eat more fruits: Fruits are great for your health. Fruits helps you to enhance your physical strength and eliminate from physical diseases. Fruits like banana, mango, grapes, oranges and kiwi are great source of vitamin and nutrients. You can take these fruits in place of your daily snacks.

Use less Salt and Take High Protein rich Diet: Salt can lead to several diseases like heart attack, stroke and diabetes etc. So try to use salt intake. Increase your protein range intake. Protein helps to develop your organ. It is much necessary for your health. Nuts, almonds and dairy products are great source of protein.

Eat more Watermelon: According to the research in Texas University, they have found that watermelon contains a special nutrients named citrulline which helps to improve your blood flow and very helpful in relax your blood vessels.

Eat more Avocados: Avocados are specially recommended for its wonderful properties. Avocados are rich in vitamins and unsaturated fats. It will help you to protect from heart diseases, arthritis problems and weakness problem. Regular use of avocados improves your blood flow and eliminates erectile dysfunction problems.

Home Remedies Advice in Sexual Diseases

Sexual Diseases are increase during the last few years. There are lots of factors behind them we have already discussed about that. Take a healthy diet which is rich in vitamins and nutrients. Healthy diet helps you to prevent from diseases. Exercise and yoga is very beneficial in sexual disorders. There are some special yoga and exercises recommended. So go for yoga and exercise regularly. Drink enough water in day. It helps to regulate your slow blood circulation.

Frequently Asked Question about Sexual Diseases

Q1. How Can we Prevent from sexual Disorder?

By following a healthy lifestyle you can prevent from sexual problems.

Q2. Can we Use this Medicine Regularly?

Yes, you can use this medicine regularly to prevent from diseases.

Q3. Can we treat Sexual Diseases by Following Home Remedies?

Yes, some diseases can be treated by following home remedies.

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