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DVD of Yoga Exercise for Diabetes by Ramdev In English and Hindi

DVD of Yoga Exercise for Diabetes

Diabetes is a serious condition in which patient’s glucose level in blood becomes very high. When we eat anything our body vessels helps to take glucose from that food. Insulin, it is a hormone which is produced in our body and insulin helps to consume the glucose and maintain the glucose level under control. But sometimes our body can’t make insulin and without insulin glucose level becomes very high. This condition is called type 1 diabetes. Sometimes our body produces insulin but we can’t use glucose properly this condition is called type 2 diabetes.

If you are suffering from diabetes and you are not satisfied with the treatment of diabetes then you can use Yoga Dvd for Diabetes in English and Hindi. Yoga is a traditional way to manage blood sugar for diabetic people. Many people around the world follow the yoga and get rid from diabetes. This Dvd is developed by Baba Ramdev in Hindi and English both. Asana in Dvd helps to lowerdown your glucose level in blood.

Diabetes is a chronic Disease When you take medications for a long time, they affect on your body organs. Yoga is a natural treatment for diabetes. Baba Ramdev also suggest some exercise for diabetic patients that help to lower down glucose. Yoga for diabetes is complete package for the diabetes patients.

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Benefits of Yoga DVD for Diabetes (in English and Hindi)

  • Yoga DVD is a natural way and very effective to control diabetes.
  • It helps to control the glucose level in blood.
  • It helps to provide strength to our body’s organs.
  • It is available in both Hindi and English.
  • All the asana and exercise are clearly defined step wise  and you can follow them very easily.
  • It is a simple home solution and you do not have to go anywhere.
  • It helps to make you stronger physically and mentally both.

Symptoms of Diabetes

  1. Frequent urination is a sigh of diabetes, sometime you notice that you spend more time in bathroom to pass the urine, it is a sign of diabetes. When glucose level becomes high in blood then you are passing more urine throughout the day.
  2. Feeling thirsty every time.
  3. Suddenly weight loss.
  4. Problem in vision.
  5. Dry skin.
  6. Sometimes suddenly your weight becomes too much.

What are the Causes of Diabetes?

  • Diabetes is a genetic disease and it can be passed from one family member to another. When any person in family suffers from diabetes then any another member can also get affected by diabetes.
  • People who eat junk foods they have also risk of developing diabetes.
  • Any infection and virus can damage the blood vessels in body and produce high glucose in the blood.
  • Lack of physical activities and exercise can lead to diabetes.
  • Long time stress and depression is very harmful for our body. Stress and depression is a major cause of diabetes in young individuals.
  • People who drink too much alcohol they are also infected by diabetes.
  • Smoking is another biggest factor for diabetes.

How we Can Prevent Ourselves from Diabetes

  1. Avoid Tobacco products: Tobacco products like cigarettes, cigars are very harmful for health. They can lead to big diseases like heart attack, lung problems, cancer and diabetes. So try to avoid it.
  2. Never skip exercise and Yoga: Exercise and Yoga is key treatment for diabetes. Regular exercise and yoga helps to balance the glucose in blood. In a research it is proved that people who exercise daily they recover from diabetes very quickly.
  3. Maintain optimum body weight: Obesity is a factor that can lead to diabetes. In a study it is found that people who are overweight has an increased risk of developing diabetes. Managing body weight lowers the risk of blood pressure, heart diseases and diabetes.
  4. Use less salt: Diabetes can develop other diseases in body like high blood pressure and stroke etc. When we use salt in diet it increases the blood pressure and lead to heart diseases.
  5. Avoid stress and depression: Many people around the world suffer from stress and depression. These two things can lead to diabetes problem. Long time stress and depression increases the hormones level which produces stress. So try to prevent from stress and depression.
  6. Use less Sugar: If you are suffering from diabetes then use of less sugar is very important for you. Sugar increases the level of glucose in blood. So try to ignore the sugar to reduce the glucose level in blood.
Diet Recommended for Diabetes Patients
  • Don’t avoid meals, try to take at least three time meal throughout the day.
  • Add oats to your daily meals, it is rich in fiber and complete package of nutrients.
  • When you are feeling hungry take some fruits like banana, apple and guava etc.
  • Eat foods which are high in fiber like nuts, almonds and green vegetables.
  • Drink at least 10 glasses of water daily.

Home Remedy Advice for Diabetes Patients

Yoga and exercise are very important for diabetes patients. Make a proper diabetes plan and mention your daily diet plan. Diet chart helps you fight against diabetes. If you follow the proper life management plan, this will help you to get rid out of diabetes.

Frequently Asked Question About Diabetes

Q1. Benefits of Yoga in Diabetes.

Yoga is a perfect medicine for diabetes patient it helps to control the sugar level in blood and keeps you physically and mentally active.

Q2. How Fiber is Beneficial in Diabetes.

Fiber is easily digestible and it helps in the elimination of waste substances from the body. When we eat anything then it is very important that it will be consumed properly. Fiber helps to digest food and provide the energy to body’s organs.

Q3. How to Control Hunger in Diabetes.

When a diabetic person feels hungry, he can eat a fruit such as an orange, an apple, or a guava. Papaya is also a good fruit for diabetic people. It will provide energy and keep your hunger under control.

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