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Ideas to make your hair look manageable and beautiful

Patanjali Kesh Kanti Reetha Shampoo

When you step up in the growing age then it would not only gives hack to your skin with dry appearance, wrinkles but also it would affect the hair health as results in thin, dry and unmanaged hair. For restoration of health, volume and shine to your hair one has to take some important steps.

Get softness to hair using Treatment– Due to hormonal changes in the body, oil glands goes affective and goes very less active. Condition also takes place when you are getting more heat treatments like curling or using hot irons. The natural lipids of the hair can be restored when you get treated using hydrated plants and amino acid that helps to provide nutrients to hair follicles.

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 Erasing Gray Hair- With the growing age the  most common hair issue is graying hair and that  is  there  because pigmentation in hair follicles    started lagging  with age but many people blame  their stressful  atmosphere for reason of different  health problem  including hair fall and graying  hair. When you find any of the gray hair then you need to try to make that hide with the hairstyle where it would go under the black hair and get unnoticed.

qqHair Mask– For giving strength to the hair roots you can try the magical trio of herbs that are 100 grams of amla, 100 grams of shikakaki and 50 grams of reetha. Boil all of three together in litre of water. Cool down to the room temperature and then store in a plastic bottle or container. You can wash your hair twice a week with this natural shampoo that would give shine and strength to the natural locks. After using that for continuous two months you would be able to see the visible difference.

Henna usage- Henna contains soothing properties and applying henna over  the hair would give relax to the scalp and on  the qqqqqsame time it is helpful to cover the gray  hair. To apply  heena mask, you need to soak heena with yogurt and a spoon of mustard oil and leave it for 8 hours or overnight. Next morning apply that to the whole hair well and leave for next 2 hours. Then wash thoroughly so that henna would run out. This would give you shiny and beautiful hair.

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