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Food list that can work in favour of your smile

What you feel is great for your smile; you do maintain a perfect oral care or making that done by the professional using fillers and whitening solutions? Definitely, the ideas to avoid cavities and other oral issues are cheaper and wonderful solution. So, you need to regularly brush, floss and eat a diet for your teeth. Confused? Not to be, as what you eat goes against or in favour of your teeth.

Chewy Candies- The candies that stick can leave drastically bad effects to the tooth health. Extra chewy candies stick to or between the teeth for long time and becomes the reason for bacterial growth. Bacteria present there make use of sugar of the candies to produce acid gives bad punch to the protective layer of the teeth and so becomes the reason for cavities.

Hard Candies– Hard candies don’t stick to the teeth as the way chewy candies does but it really doesn’t mean that they are completely safe for the teeth as have their own drawbacks. Other than chewy candies, they don’t stick to the teeth that can be washed easily after you floss or rub your teeth but dissolve slowly and inundate in the mouth for longer time. This provides ample time for bacterial growth and with time it makes more harmful acid. So, hard candies with the citric aicd do even more bad for the teeth health.

Citrus fruits 2Citrus fruits- Citrus fruits and juices contained amount of Vitamin C along with other nutrients that may does many goods for the body, but when the talk is off its impact over dental health. You have to face a big NO because the foods like lemon juice, grapefruit contained with high acidic content that is not good for tooth enamel over time. Orange juice is less acidic and leaves less bad effects to teeth. So, one can have a juice variety having vitamin D and calcium good for teeth health.

Pickles 232Pickles- Acid is been used for preserving pickles for long and it is great for enhancing taste as well but don’t forget that taste enhancer can does bad to the tooth enamel. Eating them more than once would increase the risk of enamel damage to about 85%.


Soda and other Aerated drinks– It is not new fact to world that drinking sodas can be the result of cavities in most people but this would definitely will be new for some people that drinking carbonated drinks more often can does even more harmful effects to the tooth than the high sugar intake. Even the sugar free drinks have citric and phosphoric acid and consuming large doses would hurt the enamel layer in the mouth. If you are really a soda addict and feel like can’t stay without that then can go with a trick. You need to drink sodas with your meal in place of drinking alone throughout the day. Reason for this, foods help to neutralize the acid and so the time of exposure to the acid goes low.

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