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Is It Just A Headache Or A Migraine?




Migraine is a medical condition where the headache that takes place is quite severe. Usually the condition gives you throbbing and intense pain either on one or on both sides of the head. Usually people feels the migraine pain behind an ear or eye but possibly that might be at any part of the head. It is the right time to get migraine headache natural remedies treatment when you would have nausea and vomiting along with some sensitiveness to sound and light. Some people have spots or flashing lights and on the same time some have to make a deal with loss of vision.

At what time it occurs- The condition can take place at any time of the day but in most of the cases it is been checked that usually it occurs in the morning. The annoying and throbbing pain would be there for some hours and for some unfortunates it can be there for one to two days as well. People who are at the advanced stage of the condition gets pain in 2-3 times in a week but usually it is that for 1-2 times in a year. Usually this is not a threat for body and health but the annoying pain might not allow you to live a tension free life.

Who are at huge risk of having migraine attacks- In case you fall in some of the categories below then possibility is here you might have to take headache natural remedies treatment. Usually, people who ages between 15-55 are at high risk of having the same. Mostly woman caught affected with the same. People with the family history of migraine or of disabling headaches would get that condition quite often. With the growing age, migraine and its pain goes less severe and less frequent as well.Migraine

Are migraines a common issue? The pain and the symptoms of the migraine have affected about 29.5 million Americans only and this would have given you a clear idea that how common is the issue, Even the expats have a believe that it is the most common form of disabling headache for which patients must have to visit doctor.

What keeps you near the issue?- Actually the main cause of the issue is still not came to light but still experts have a strong believe that migraine takes place with the abnormal substantial changes which takes place in the brain. In case these substances would get increase that they become the reason or inflammation. The inflammation becomes the reason for cause of swelling of blood vessels in the brain and any press to the nearby area would be the reason for throbbing pain. Genes plays vital role in controlling or either aggravating the condition. So, people with migraine have abnormal genes that are controlling the functions of brain. A huge number of daily routine activities play as the triggers for the issue and the idea is to keep all that at check.

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