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How to Increase the Power of Your Intelligence

The power of remembrance in we (By word WE – I mean humans) has been entrusted to a super circular shaped body top. This power of remembrance is called intelligence. With the passing time, intelligence could increase or even decrease.

I am not an expert, but sharing some information about how to increase intelligence. Give yourself some exertions and enjoy the difference – difference in the marks you score in your school exams or difference when you are in office and your performance depends upon only factor – the factor to increase intelligence.

Symptoms For Low Intelligence:

Signs That Could Trigger Off The Point That You Lack Good Intelligence Are:

  • Forgetting the things
  • When you find difficulty in recalling the point at which work you were doing was left, later to be accomplished.
  • When your boss gets annoyed with you too frequently.

Causes For Decreased Intelligence:

Reasons And Factors That May Affect Your Intelligence And Force It To Decrease To Finally Disturb The Activity Balance In Your Life Are:

  • Depression
  • Not getting good amount of sleep.
  • Consumption of alcohol.
  • Excessive amount of stress.
  • Sadness in life.

Home Remedies To Increase IntelligenceIncrease the Power of Your Intelligence 1

Tips At Home Or In Workplace That Could Help To Increase The Intelligence Are:

Repeat The Things: repetitive revision of the accomplishments that are to be accomplished yet needs proper mind flushing. This mind flushing keeps the tasks ready afresh in mind and does not let mind slip run out.

Chalking Out: chalk out a proper time table for the tasks and get ready for each task at the allotted time. Go through this time-table every now and then. You will never miss anything.

Beat The Clock: Get ready to finish the work as soon as possible. After finishing the work, fresh your mind and lace up the shoes for next task and make sure must do some home work for the task so as not to leave the task UN-finished.

Good Dark Sleep: good sleep on your bed in the darkness of the night could refresh all corners of the brain. Refreshments that we get from sleep give your brain fresh new look as you get up early next morning and then your brain and then the intelligence are ready for next flight.

Increase the Power of Your Intelligence 2Only for Students: If you are still studying and wants to fair well in exams, then good way is to make thorough and word by word study about the chapter. Full study of the book help to renovate the brain and increase the quality of intelligence.

Do not be a puzzle for your loved ones. Make your body top to function well and show your performance to the world. Only then the world will give you respect. This is only possible if you have low intelligence. Then make efforts and increase intelligence. See how much happy you will be.


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