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Is it a indication that you are having low potassium levels in body

To have healthy body it is must that body should have all the nutrients in ample amount to support the system to work well and most important from them would probably be the potassium level. This is a vital mineral that plays a vital role to perform all of the crucial functions like making muscles work properly or regulation of fluids. A study suggests that getting ample amount of potassium is required so that heart and kidney would work properly and be away from the disease. But as the deficiency is not good for body so as the excessive amount of same is not a healthy option. A suggested amount of potassium consumption every day is 4700 milligrams but problem is huge number of people are not getting in fact the half of the amount. So, you should check for potassium deficiency with the physical symptoms and the below mentioned are the most common ones:

Have a colorful diet- Fruits and vegetables are completely awesome source of potassium and the great thing is they taste good. So, you can pick all colored veggies and fruits to prepare your plate like a rainbow. If your plate would be monochromatic then it is an indication that it is made with meats, refined starches and foods that have absence of potassium. Potassium is overall healthy diet and one gets with low levels of same when not consuming fresh fruits in good amount.

Weakness and tiredness all the time- If after getting full night sleep you feel low and less energetic in morning then something is not correct. Having a tired and weak feeling that can be there when you are not having potassium rich foods in good amount. So, it is time to incorporate them in your diet or get a diet chart prepared from the dietician so that your body can get all the nutrients required for body to work efficiently.

Having high blood pressure- If you are having excessive weight, with family history of having hypertension in family or eatblood-pressure-symptoms-3786-1 a diet rich in too much salt then you can suffer from high blood pressure. A study said that when one is having deficiency of potassium in body then it makes you more prone to have hypertension. Potassium levels in body are prior as it helps offset sodium. People who eat much amount of sodium, and not eating enough amounts of vegetables and fruits have improper balance of the two minerals and the resultant condition would be quite problematic.

Risk of Heart palpitations- When body would have low potassium levels then it can be the serious condition. So, when you would have feeling of pounding, fluttering chest or feels like you would about to skip out of your chest and would have irregular heart beat then it is a thing of concern and immediately seeking medical attention would be wise decision for you. In fact, consuming right kind of diet would not only solve the health problems but also keep you away from further developing issues as well. And potassium is that important nutrient.

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