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Kesh Kanti Reetha Shampoo is the Best for Oily Scalp and Dry hair

Introduction To Dry Hair

Dry hair occurs when the oil covers on the top layers of the hair get washed away due to various factors leaving the hair liners at the behest of the various disturbing factors. Dry hair reduces the sheen and luster of the hair and the head look dirty.
To correct this Kesh Kanti Reetha Shampoo could be the only solution. Prepared from reetha, this shampoo restores the lost luster of the hair. Best nourishments used in the manufacture, restores the oil covers of the hair. Best shampoos for dry hair provides the necessary nutrients to dry hair. It is one of the best dry hair shampoo that has been prepared from various herbal ingredients and removes any traces of dryness in the hair and makes your hair shine.
About 6 ml of shampoo rubbed between the palms and then gently rubbed on the hair. Then wash off the shampoo with clean water.

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Benefits for Kesh Kanti Reetha Shampoo:There are various benefits for this reetha shampoo. Reetha has always been a major source of nourishment for hair and used for ages. Reetha massages the hair and provides protective covering to the hair which protects hair from various sources that produce dryness.Symptoms of Dry Hair:Warning Signs And Symptoms That Could Help to Identify Dry Hair Are:

  • Dryness at first sight.
  • Roughness.
  • Ready to break.
  • Brittleness.
  • Ugly looks.

Causes for Dry Hair:Some of the Causes That Could Be Held Responsible For Hair To Get Dry Are:

  • Improper cleaning of the hair.
  • Not washing hair for too long.
  • Diseases.
  • Exposure to various environmental factors.
  • Improper nutrition.

Tips that Could Prevent the Hair From Getting Dried Up Are:

Protective Covering:give your hair a protective covering of oil that could prevent the hair from getting dried. Oil restores the necessary nourishment in the hair that eliminates dryness.

Hair in The Sun: do not turn your hair directly in the sun light as sun light plays an important role in damaging the hair and making the hair dry. Rays of the sun evaporates the oils from hair leaving them dry.

Be Smart: always be smart in picking the right kind of food that is good for your body. Picking the right kind of food helps to provide proper nutrients to your hair and prevent dryness of hair. 

The Far The Better: the far the better is true for dust particles. Keep the dust and dirt at bay and prevent these particles to have an easy access to the hair bunches. Dust and dirt loosens the bonds that keep the hair together. Prevent these unwanted elements.

Selection of Comb: prevent your hair by selecting the right kind of comb for your hair. Try to use fine toothed comb that could comb the hair by fine tuning their strands. Hard comb will damage the hair.

Right kind of Sprays: select branded sprays for dry hair. Good sprays conditions dry hair and provide nourishment.Diet Recommendation For Dry Hair:

Recommended diet plans that are to eliminate the problem of dry hair are:Iron Packs:
make your hair strong and protect the hair from falling by having some iron that is good for the hair. Iron makes the hair stronger.Zinc: Zinc is found out in various supermarkets. Buy zinc pills from shops and let your body consume zinc to make the hair look fine and stronger.

Green Vegetables: green vegetables improve the complexion of the hair. These vegetables contain all important vitamins – vitamin A and vitamin C that makes the hair healthy.

Bananas: Bananas make the hair stronger by providing nourishment to the hair. Your hair texture improves if you start consuming bananas on a daily basis. Bananas contain vitamin A, E , C and potassium. Bananas are good source of nutrients for your hair.

Raisins and Oats: raisins and oats have the nourishing values for hair in abundance. These keep the hair deformation factors at some distance.

Beans: beans contain large quantities of protein that binds the hair together. Beans could be made regular part of the diets. Beans with potatoes make a great tasty vegetable for lunch.

Flax Seeds: flax seeds are a rich source of omega 3 fatty acids that help the hair to restore the lost glory.

Eggs: eggs contain proteins that help the hair to regain the lost glory. Take eggs daily in the breakfast and help your hair to grow properly and look shiny.

Home Remedies for Dry Hair:Remedial actions that could prevent the hair from getting dirty and preventing those to fall are:

Massage the Hair: massage each strand of your hair nicely so as to make the hair slippery for not to allow the dust particles to adhere to the hair. Oil makes the hair surface slippery and dust does not settle on the hair.

Regular Shampooing: regular shampooing of the hair removes any traces of dust that makes the hair dirty. Regular shampooing cleanses the hair and makes hair look great.

Less Heat Treatment: do not give any type of heat treatment to your hair as application of more heat for making hair beautiful makes the hair brittle and hair tend to break.

Not Much Styling: keep your hair rid off enough styling that weakens the hair. Keep your hair free from any styling sessions that loosens the hair.

Cold Weather Damage: harsh winters damage the hair. Prevent your hairs from exposing to the harsh winter conditions as excess winters make the hair lose their natural looks.

Pat Hair for Good: pat the excess water from hair after washing as rubbing hard could loosen the hair.

Frequently Asked Questions for Dry Hair:

Q1. How Dry Hair Occurs?

Ans. Dry hair happen when oil covering on the outer walls of the hair gets damaged.

Q2. What is The Normal Age of a Person in Which Hair Get Dry?

Ans. Dry hair can happen at any age.

Q3.What are the Best Preventive Measures for Dry Hair?

Ans. Best preventive measures are the good massage of the hair with some oil.

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