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Kesh Kanti Shikakai Shampoo for Hair Loss and Natural Glowing Hair

Patanjali Kesh Kanti Shikakai Shampoo


Hair – thin thread like structure on the head that runs through some length of the body.  There are different reasons for hair fall. It may start at any age and men and women are both affected. People around the globe keep regular visits to a medical practitioner for getting treatment for hair fall.

But the Remedy for Hair Fall is With Kesh Kanti Shikakai Shampoo

Kesh Kanti Shikakai Shampoo gives relief from the problem of hair fall. Prepared from shikakai, this shampoo gives nourishment to the hair by providing an all important vitamin C to the hair. A natural hair cleanser – this shampoo helps to prevent hair fall and gives you shiny hair. The medicated shampoo to prevent hair loss, removes any irregularities that happens to hair.

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Dosage of Kesh Kanti Shikakai Shampoo:

Simple in use, apply around 5 ml of shampoo on wet hair, gently massage hair for about 1 minute and wash off the shampoo with fresh water

Benefits of Kesh Kanti Shikakai Shampoo:

Kesh Kanti Shikakai Shampoo which has been mainly prepared with shikakai the main ingredient – benefit of shikakai is to reduce hair fall and to encourage growths of new hairs. Shikakai has very low pH value and hence is always the natural choice to encourage hair growth. Shikakai also provide vital vitamin C to your hair fulfilling the deficiency of vitamin C in your hairs.

Symptoms of Hair Loss:

Some Symptoms for The Loss Hair Are:

  • Increasing hairline.
  • Increase in baldness.
  • Temple starts to show.
  • Hair falling in bunches

Causes for Hair Loss:

Some Causes for Loss of the Hair Are:

  1. Stress
  2. illness
  3. Hereditary.
  4. Poor nutrition.
  5. Hair styling.
  6. Due to certain medicines.

Prevention from Hair Fall:

Tips that Could Prevent The Condition of Hair Are:

Hair Care: get some proper hair care measures that include regular washing of the dirty hair.

Careful Water Temperature: be careful in selecting the use of water for washing hair as excessively warm or hot water could increase the chances of hair loss.

Stay Hydrated: stay hydrated and increase the intake of water to give adequate ratio of liquid to hair roots.

Loosen the Grip: loosen the grip in your hair as tying the hair tightly could exert extra pressure on hair that could lead to increased hair fall.

Good Foodie: be a good food lover and take various items rich in vitamins, protein, zinc etc. that keep hair bonded.

Wet Conditions: wet conditions in the hair tend to loosen strength of the hair. When hairs are wet combing hair would tend to uproot hair and hair fall prematurely.

Adequate Water: Drink adequate water as good water content in the body prevents hair from falling.

No Warm air Please: do not use warm air with blowers for drying hair as this will weaken hair follicles.

Diet Recommendations for Glowing Hair:

Recommended diets that could help to get some proper care for the hair on the scalp are:

Banana Love: show some love to bananas and bananas will take care of your hair. Bananas contain important vitamins that help hair to regain the lost luster.

Potato Benefits: include potato benefits in your daily life and get the maximum benefits for your hair. Potato contain important values that provide hair some new look.

Protein And Vitamins: protein and vitamins are the structural elements of the hair. Make up for any loss of these two by consuming good foods.

Lentils: lentils are good for the hair as these aids in building the basic structure of the roots that have been damaged. Lentils repair the building blocks of the hair and keep the hair structure in close proximity to each other.

Yoghurt: yoghurt help to bring shine to the hair and hence could be consumed without any doubts. Yoghurt could be taken three times a day.

Oranges: oranges are a rich source of hair building factors that help to restore the lost glory of the hair.

Soybeans: these beans provide vital values to the hair for bringing back their original shine.

Home Remedies For Hair:

Few of the remedies that could be brought into practice when it comes to the rescue of the hair are:

Potato Juice: potato juice has many added benefits for hair and restoring the shine of your hair. Take out some juice from potato, rub it on the hair and find the difference.

Onion juice: onion juice though could smell bad for the hair, but adds to the value of your hair. Onion juice returns the lost levels of protein of your hair. And protein is the basic element that has much importance in the hair.

Water Ratio: take extra precautions when at home for maintaining the content of water in the body. Keep drinking water regularly.

Keep Wind Away: keep hot wind away from the hair as drying hair with hot blowers could damage the hair follicles.

Adequate Watering: keep washing your hair regularly as washing hair regularly could keep dust away which damages the hair.

Moisturizers: keep moisturizing hair regularly by using good moisturizers that holds hair together.

Frequently Asked Questions for Glowing Hair:

Q1. Is it Possible for My Dry Hair To Get Back the Glow for The Hair?

Ans. Yes, it is very much possible for the hair to get back the proper glow.

Q2. Why the Hair Starts Falling from the Scalp at First?

Ans. Scalp is the part of the head where the roots of hair are not deep rooted.

Q3. How Hair Looses their Natural Glow?

Ans. Hair are always subjected to the exposure from disturbing factors from the nature that leave their unpleasant presence on the hair leaving the hair dry and devoid of their natural glow.

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