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Everyone loves to be beautiful and a proud owner of a glowing healthy skin. Multiple visits to parlours and using products also sometimes do not help. Our skin needs natural help. Curing the impurities and toxics of the human body from within the system can bring a healthy beautiful glowing look to the skin. From the Divya pharmacy here is a package for leucoderma treatment known as Sveta Kustha.

Leucoderma is the loss of skin pigmentation in certain areas of the skin. This can be caused by various conditions of skin like burning, skin inflammations, steroid intake etc.

The package of leucoderma is a product which is made of natural herbal ingredients. The package is highly beneficial for giving the skin back its natural colour and skin tone. Although traditional medicine says there is no cure for leucoderma however, regular usage of the package of leucoderma reduces spreading of white patches on skin. This is an excellent remedy to leucoderma treatment.

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Package content details

Divya Kaya-kalp Vati 20 gm – This is one of the best herbal preparation provided to the skin for treating all kind of problems. Skin problems experienced like itching, skin darkening, pigmentation and white patches can be treated by this fine natural product.

Divya Amrta / Giloy Sattva 20 gm – Giloy sattva is a kind of a herb which helps in enhancing the immunity of the human body and is a useful leucoderma cure. When the immunity of the body is strong then it helps fight all kind of skin problems Leucoderma, vitiligo or even influenza can be treated with this natural herb.

Divya Suddha Bavaci Curna 50 gm – This is a herbal powder also popularly known as bavachi which helps in leucoderma treatment. Hyper pigmentation is reduced to a great extent by using this package of leucoderma. It helps in bringing the skin colour closer to its old tone.

Divya Svitraghna Lepa 100 gm–This helps treating the skin and its impurities by regular usage.

Benefits of the package of leucoderma

  1. This ayurvedic herbal product is very effective for leucoderma treatment. Melanin is added into the skin which helps in bringing back the natural colour of the skin.
  2. People suffering from leucoderma gets affected with white patches. This natural package helps reducing them to a great extent. This does not affect in any other negative way.
  3. For treating many other kind of skin diseases also this package is recommended.
  4. Skin inflammation or infections , burning and skin itching gets reduced
  5. This is a great useful product to provide the skin with its necessary nourishments.
  6. With no side effects this package of leucoderma can even be used for children of smaller age.

How to use this health pack

One can use this package of leucoderma by mixing all the ingredient in a mixer grinder. By mixing it you can make a powder out of it. By in taking a half teaspoon on a daily basis along with water can get reduced skin problems.

A great therapeutic use

This package of leucoderma is made from 100% natural ayurvedic products. This provides miraculous remedies to various skin diseases. All of the ingredients of this package is herbal and is very effective. There are absolutely no negative side effects.

Home Remedial Recommendations

One can make a paste of a 25 gms of powdered radish seeds and a 2 teaspoon of vinegar. If applied in the affected area on the skin will help reduce discoloration at a faster rate. The original skin color will come back very quickly.

Another way is to soak 500gms of turmeric into eight litre of water. Boil it till the quantity of water becomes as low as 1 litre. After straining the water one must add around half a litre of mustard oil and mix it nicely. Apply it on areas of the skin where white patches exist. This is a great home remedy to fight the effects of leucoderma.

One can make a mix of lemon juice and basil leave extracts. This mixture must be applied to the skin on the affected area. This helps in enhancing melanin content in the skin and hence safely remove leucoderma.

Another great natural product is ginger. Ginger is very useful for fighting vitiligo. A mix of ginger juice with red clay can be used on affected white patches on skin. This helps bringing back the natural colour of the skin.

Warning signs of the occurrence of leucoderma and vitiligo

  1. Unnatural greying of warning of hair
  2. If you notice skin colourdecolouration inside the mouth
  3. Any loss of color in the eyes


Medical research says a body condition known as autoimmune where the immune system of the human body destroys its own cells and tissues. External factors like burns, ulcers or a cut can also cause leucoderma. Such external factors destroys the cells which lie beneath our skin known as melanocytes. These cells are responsible for producing melanin. Loss of the cell also loses melanin which gives rise to white patches on skin.

Dietary changes for leucoderma cure

For best and fast results it is recommended to follow some dietary measures along with the application of the package of leucoderma. Skin diseases can be avoided by having a big amount of fruits and vegetables in their regular diets. A lot of fluids like water can also be taken to help keeping the pH balance of the body at a higher level.

Lifestyle changes that one needs to undertake

  1. An effective leucoderma cure is to do regular yoga exercises. This helps in reduction of stress.
  2. One must sleep at least eight hours a day to help keep the mind fresh all day along
  3. If tea, alcohol or caffeine are taken too much then they can cause acidity in the body. Over accumulation of acidity can cause various Problems
  4. One must avoid eating a lot of meat. One must eat a lot of green vegetables and fruits on a regular basis.
  5. One must avoid direct contact of the skin with the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun

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