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Psoriasis & Eczema



Package made from all herbal ingredients, the package for psoriasis & eczema is the best choice for skin herbal remedies. Being hundred percent natural it is completely safe to use with no negative side effects on regular usage. For the effective treatment of almost all type of diseases on the skin it is recommended from the Divya pharmacy of Swami Ramdev Ji. It is a natural cure for psoriasis and also helps in treating eczema permanently. By using many traditional medicines one can easily subdue the effects of such diseases. However, it is not recommended to supress such skin problems. This herbal  package gives permanent relief to skin problems.

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 Package and its contents

The ingredients of this herbal package are 100% natural. When taken on a regular dosage these will help in preventing reoccurrence of the diseases. The package of psoriasis & eczema has the given natural  ingredients:

  1. Divya Kayakalp Kwath: This is an excellent eczema natural treatment. For any kind of itching or sensation of irritation on the skin this herbal ingredient works great. One will experience a bright glow on the skin on regular intake of the medicine.
  2. Divya Rasa Mankya: This psoriasis natural cure helps in boosting up the human immune system. It also prevents inflammation on the skin. This product ensures a healthy looking glowing skin naturally.
  3. Divya Pravala Pisti: Use this to cure almost any type of diseases on the skin. It is a natural treatment for giving fast relief to skin irritation and itching and discomforts.
  4. Divya Kaya kalp vati: The best way to treat psoriasis in a natural way is to use this. However, it is highly recommended that one takes them regularly for the best results.
  5. Divya Giloy Sat: Another miraculous product from the Divya pharmacy is this. People suffering from any skin disease can use this on regular usage have seen highly beneficial results. Any symptom of a skin disease is prevented by this product.
  6. Divya Tala Sindura: For treating psoriasis in a natural way one must use this. For all kind of chronical skin diseases this is the best. Helps providing required nutrients to the cells of the skin thereby making it young, healthy and glowing.
  7. Divya Kaisora guggulu: By naturally nourishing the cells of the skin this ingredient helps in treating any kind of irritation in the skin. It helps in the regeneration of young new cells in the skin.
  8. Divya Arogya Vardhani: Using this product one can get an enhancement in the immune system in the body. When the human immune system is strong then it can fight to outside dirt and germs. As a result it prevents skin diseases like psoriasis and eczema to occur over and over again.

Benefits of using this miracle package

This package of psoriasis & eczema is excellent for skin herbal remedies. Hormones in the human body need to be balanced for an effective and smooth living.

  1. Not only does this  miracle package helps generation of skin cells in the body but also ensures a bright glowing healthy skin.
  2. Multiple skin diseases can be naturally treated by using this herbal product.
  3. Many times due to skin disease people experience itching sensation with irritation and inflammation in the skin. It helps reduce this also
  4. Due to intake of certain medicines if one gets side effects like allergies, in such cases this package us extremely beneficial. It gives fast relief from pain.
  5. Most young girls complain pimple and acne problems in their skin. To have a clean skin with a glow one is recommended to use this package on a regular basis
  6. The most effective effect of this medicine is that it helps purification of blood. When the blood is pure it is reflected on the face.


One is recommended to use this package for a long time. No medicine can give effective output if not taken regularly. One will experience all signs of psoriasis and eczema gone from the skin when used regularly.

Avoid emergence of diseases

Psoriasis and eczema are skin diseases which are mainly due to weak immune system. When the body is weak then it loses its power to fight outside germs and pollution. As a result many kind if skin diseases start to appear. The most common of them are edema, leucoderma, psoriasis, eczema and many more.

Home and natural ways to treat psoriasis & eczema are as follows
  1. One must apply a paste made by mixing one teaspoon of sandalwood powder with milk on the area affected. When applied for twice daily for a long period it will start showing results.
  2. Another eczema natural treatment is to use nutmeg on the affected area. It gives fast relief from itching sensation on the skin.
  3. Dandelion and spearmint leaves are leaves which when crushed and mixed with little baby oil can give a great home solution for treating eczema. It must be kept to be fried for half an hour for best results.
  4. Psoriasis natural cure also can be made at home by using lemon and lime juice. The cooing agent keeps the skin cool.
  5. Some other natural homemade remedies are neem and turmeric. By mixing neem leaves with turmeric in a grinder one can apply in the area affected.
Reasons of psoriasis & eczema

The reasons for the cause of psoriasis and eczema are quite unknown to the medical world. This human auto immune disease is mostly experienced by people who is suffering from various digestive problems. However, millions of users of the package says to have been treated within six months of regular usage. This package is a guaranteed psoriasis natural cure and an effective ingredient for eczema natural treatment process.
Dietary suggestions while using the package

  1. Skin herbal remedies just do not mean to take herbal medicines. It also means regular intake of green vegetables and fruits.
  2. At the same time one must drink enough water to help keep toxins out of the body
  3. One must avoid processed, oily and fried junk food

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