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Sleep Problems for which people used to keep Ssshh…

o-COMMON-SLEEP-PROBLEMS-facebookDo you yawn during long meetings? Wake up many times at night? Then possibly that can be because you would have trouble in sleeping last night or wake up last night but not able to sleep again. People make them feel relaxed with a thought that the today’s lifestyle and heavy schedule is responsible for the same but actually it can be the reason of getting affected with sleep disorders and surprising thing is that you don’t even know that. There are lots of sleep issues that leaves you tired and low not only in the morning but for the whole day.

Snoring– Having snoring is quite common and it is not unknown fact but the thing that is either ignored or unknown is that ssssssshyour slack tongue and throat muscles are going that much narrow that it is not allowing the airway. It can also be there because of shape of your soft palate or in case you are obese. Many people used to wake up at the middle of the night due to shortness of breath. Some people wake up many times in night and that is called sleep apnea and having that enhances your risk of stroke, heart diseases and osteoporosis as well. Even doctor’s said that if you rarely wake up at night then possibly wake you bright in the morning. So, to deal with snoring would be highly effective. To deal with snoring, you need not to roll on your back as this is a sleeping position that makes you airways collapse and sleeping on your side would be perfect sleeping position that would offer you with good results.

dfgTeeth Grinding- You wake up in morning and have chronic jaw pain or chronic headaches and possibly can be due to gnashing your teeth overnight. This teeth grinding would not allow you to sleep well. Experts said that, teeth grinding is a common health issue usually seen with the people who are anxious. Having antidepressants and abnormal bite would play vital role. To deal with issue, your dentist would fit a mouth guard and also the healthier ways would be introduced that would make you able to manage stress.

Your legs feels jittery at night- Restless legs syndrome is a condition that leaves the legs with creeping, crawling feeling in the legs and it is so common that every 1 person in 10 is dealing with that. It is a thought that is linked to the brain processes the neurotransmitter dopamine. Usually this condition can be there with the person who is dealing with nutritional deficiency. Like people low in iron has an over activity in the parts of the brain that gives the brain signals to moving legs. To deal with issue, you can make use of oil massage, ice packs or warm packs that would work great for you. You can even ask with your doctors to get medications for recovering iron and also in taking iron supplements would be great option as well.

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