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Acidity and Hyperacidity


Package for Acidity and Hyper acidity is a combination of some natural Ayurveda herbs which is very beneficial in stomach diseases. It is a blend of traditional herbs and specially recommended for gastrointestinal diseases. It is a natural cure for acid reflux. This package contains natural herbs which helps to balance the PH of stomach and provide you relief from hyper acidity.

Remedies in the package help to reduce the acidity level and prevent from hyper acidity. It is very good treatment for digestion system.  You can use these herbal remedies to treat acid reflux. There are many medications available in the market to treat acidity. But these remedies are natural cure for acidity.

Anyone can suffer from acidity. It is a very painful condition, so the right treatment is very important in this condition. Near about 80% acidity problems are occur because of bad foods. So try to avoid those foods which can cause acid reflux.

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Benefits of Package for Acidity and Hyperacidity

This Package Contains No Of Benefits In Stomach Problems Including:

  • This package is natural treatment from acidity. This package of herbs helps to balance the PH level in stomach and prevent from digestion problem.
  • This package contains different types of herbs which help to maintain the functioning of digestive system.
  • Regular use of this medicine is very beneficial in obesity.
  • People who are regularly suffering from acidity, they can use this herb regularly. It creates no harmful effects on your body.
  • This package helps to improve the strength of digestion organs and eliminate the weakness problem.

Directions to use Package for Acidity and Hyper Acidity
Mix all the medicines of package and divide them in 60 parts. Use one dose before breakfast, lunch and dinner with honey or Luke water.

Prevention in AcidityAcidity, Hyperacidity and Acid Reflux Treatment

You Can Prevent From Acidity By Following A Healthy Lifestyle. Right Diet And Exercise Is Very Beneficial In Stomach Problems.

  • Drink plenty of water in a day. Water helps to provide the strength to your digestive organs. So drink clean and fresh water to prevent from acidity.
  • Don’t eat too much fatty foods. Fatty foods are hard to digest and contain lots of virus and infections which can cause acidity.
  • Do some exercise and yoga daily. Exercise and yoga helps to digest your food properly. Daily 30 minutes exercise is very beneficial in Acidity.
  • Drink more fluids. Fluids are natural Acidity remedies. They are easy to digest and remove the unhealthy infections from body.

Home Remedy advice to treat Acidity

Home remedies are very beneficial in diseases because they are very easy to use and create no side effects in your body. Here are some home remedies which you can use at home to get quick relief.

  • Use lemon juice at home. Lemon juice is a simple and effective treatment for acidity. Take one glass of water and add some lemon juice in it. Use this before morning meal.
  • Tulsi leaves are also a very good treatment for acidity. Take some tulsi leaves and chew them in the morning with empty stomach. It provides you instant relief in acidity.
  • Drink 2 glasses of water in a day with empty stomach.

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Symptoms of Acidity

Acidity Is A Very Painful Condition And In Our Life We Are Suffering From It Many Times. Here Are Some Common Symptoms Of Acidity Including:

  • Heartburn is common symptoms of acidity. If heartburn is not treated at the right time than it can lead to cancer. You can prevent from acidity reflux by avoiding foods.
  • In acidity, acid enter into the esophagus and we are suffering from the chest pain. Chest pain is very dangerous and you can’t ignore it.
  • You are losing your weight without any reason.
  • Feeling vomiting after the meal.
  • Headache.
Causes of Acidity

Acidity Problem Is Our Bad Lifestyle Result, Here Are Some Reasons Which Can Lead To Acidity Including:

  • Junk, spicy and non – Vegetarian Foods.
  • Too much use of alcohol and tobacco products.
  • Medications and any types of drug can lead to acidity.
  • Overweight or obesity.
  • Carbonated drinks and fatty foods can lead to acidity.
  • Coffee and tea.
  • Problem in digestion system. Weak immunity system and unhealthy digestion system can lead to acidity problem.
  • Lack of exercise and physical movement can lead to acidity problem.

Acidity, Hyperacidity and Acid Reflux TreatmentDiet Recommended for Acidity
Diet Is Very Important In Acidity If You Avoid Those Foods Which Can Cause Acid Reflux And Acidity Than You Can Prevent From It Very Easily.

  • Use more fluids in acidity.
  • Drink 8 to 10 glasses of water in a day.
  • Eat more raw vegetables and fruits in a day.
  • Consume one apple in a day. Apple contains an anti- acidity property which helps to lower the acidity level.
  • Use less dairy products in diet.

Frequently asked Questions about Acidity

Q1 Can stress and depression cause acidity?

Yes, longtime stress and depression can cause the acidity.

Q2. If we are taking proper diet than we prevent from acidity?

Yes, bad food increases the risk of developing acidity and acid reflux.

Q3. Can we use this package regularly?

Yes, you can use this package regularly it creates no side effects in body.


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