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Chronic Renal Failure

Package for Chronic Renal Failure is a natural remedy for renal failure. This package is wonderful treatment for chronic renal failure. Chronic Kidney disease is a long term disease in which patients kidneys are not working correctly. Every year the patient of renal failure increased, swollen in ankles, urine comes with blood and weaknesses in body are some common symptoms of kidney diseases.
Package for Chronic Renal Failure helps to boost your immunity system and prevent you from chronic diseases like infections and inflammation. There are many types of treatments are available to get rid from chronic renal disease. But these treatments are not very effective. Package for chronic renal is natural treatment for renal failure. This medicine is combination of some natural herbs which helps to normalize your kidney function. People who are suffering from diabetes and heart related problems they have more chances of developing renal failure. This package helps to control diabetes and high blood pressure and prevent you from heart diseases.

Package for Chronic Renal Failure – 1 Contains Herbs:

  1. Divya Vrkka Dosa-Hara Kwatha – 200 gram
  2. Divya Hajarula Yahuda Bhasma – 10 gram
  3. Divya Vrikkadoshar Vati – 40 gram
  4. Divya Sarvkalp Kwath – 100 gram
  5. Divya Vasanta Kusumakara Rasa – 1 gram
  6. Divya Gokshuradi Guggulu – 40 gram
  7. Divya Giloy Sat – 10 gram
  8. Divya Chandraprabha Vati – 40 gram
  9. Divya Punarnavadi Mandura – 10 gram

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Direction to use Package for Chronic Renal Failure – 1Take medicine no 1 and 4 and boil this in 400 ml water until it remains 100 ml. used this medicine in morning before breakfast and in the night before dinner.
Take medicine no 2, 5, 6, 7 and mix them all. Divide this mixture in 60 doses and take one medicine an hour of breakfast and dinner with honey or warm water.
Take medicine no 3, 6, 8 and used one tab daily from each medicine twice in a day before breakfast and dinner with water.Benefits of Package for Chronic Renal Failure – 1

  • It is a natural treatment for the patients of renal failure. Renal failure is a long term disease and patients can use this medicine for long time. This medicine produces no side effects on your body.
  • People who dialysis, this medicine helps to prevent from dialysis by removing the toxins from kidney naturally.
  • Renal symptoms like pain, vomiting, itching and burning can be prevented by this medicine.
  • Helps to boost your immunity system and prevent from renal diseases naturally.
  • This medicine helps to remove the kidney stones and provide relief from kidney pain.
  • This natural herb helps to control the diabetes and high blood pressure.
  • Kidney inflammation and swollen can be reduced by this medicine.

Symptoms of Chronic Renal Failure

  • Urine flow is increasing and mostly urine comes in night.
  • Little blood comes with urine.
  • Dark colored urine.
  • Feeling pain during passing the urine.
  • Shortness of breath.
  • Inflammation in chest.
  • Swelling in ankles.
  • High Blood pressure and diabetes diseases can produce renal diseases.
  • Pain in stomach indicates that you are suffering from kidney stones problems.

These are some common symptoms of renal diseases. There are also many countless symptoms, but these symptoms are very common and found in renal disease patients. If you see any symptoms in your body than concern with doctor about your symptoms.Causes of Chronic Renal FailureDrink Alcohol: The main work of kidneys is to filter the blood. When we drink alcohol it will be add in our blood and produce the weakness in kidneys. Over alcohol in blood built up the pressure on kidneys and our kidneys are not working correctly.Diseases: Diseases can also lead to renal failure. The treatment of heart disease and diabetes is very long. When we take high doses of medications it effects on our kidney function.Infections and Bacteria: Infections and bacteria are very harmful for our body. They damage the blood vessels in body and produce kidney disorder.Less Physical work: Everyday food which we eat, much need to digest properly, when our food is not digesting properly it can produce extra fat. Physical exercise helps to digest the food in stomach and prevent us from diseases.Prevention in Renal FailureDrink enough water daily. Water helps to remove the toxins from kidney and prevent them from stones and infections. 8 to 10 glasses of water is recommended for healthy body.Don’t drink extra alcohol. Alcohol is not good for our health. It can lead to several other diseases. If you want to prevent from diseases than use limited alcohol.Increase your physical work. Exercise and Yoga is very useful for everyone. If you want to live a happy and long life than yoga is always recommended.Try to prevent from bacteria and infections. Unhealthy foods, bad environment and dust places can produce infections in body, so try to prevent from those things which can produce health related problems.Control your diseases. Diseases can develop many other problems. Try use natural ways to control your diseases. There are many types of natural remedies which help to treat diseases like diabetes, heart attack, high blood pressure etc.Diet Recommended in Renal Failure

  • Use salt in limit.
  • Try to eat more fruits in a day like, apples, green beans, grapes etc.
  • High protein diet is not good for renal patients. So try to avoid high protein foods like eggs, milk, almonds and cheese.
  • Drink less fluid.
  • Eat more fruits and vegetables which help to prevent from anemia. High iron rich foods are beef, kidney beans and pork etc.
  • Eat green vegetables which are great source of fiber and nutrients.

Home Remedy Advice in Renal FailureRenal failure is long time disease. People who want to prevent from renal disease they are also advice to change their life style. If you eat a healthy diet and avoid from those factors which can produce renal failure. Drink more water in a day, water reduce the risk of developing many types of renal diseases. But if you suffer from any types of renal disease than try to use only natural remedies because they are more effective than medications and produce no side effects on your body.Frequently Asked Question About Renal FailureQ1. Can kidney Disease Occur in Families?Yes, if you have any kidney disease history then your other family members can suffer from this disease.Q2. Benefits of Water in Renal Disease?Water helps to detox your kidneys and prevent them from toxins and infections.Q3. Can I Use this Medicine After Diagonalized?Yes, people who diagonalized their kidneys they can use this medicine.

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