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Our senses have a magical power which makes us feel everything and makes everything tangible for us. But there is a disease which causes sensory damage accompanied by loss of feeling in the problematic area. It disables the muscle function and nerves function and indicates improper circulation of blood to the affected area. It makes the affected area rigid and part lacks movement in any form. It is basically a neurological disorder which mostly occurs in men than women and mostly after 50 years of age.

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Here are Some Home Remedies For Treatment of Parkinson’s Disease-:

Package Provided as per the Instructions of Divya Pharmacy

  • Divya ekangveer ras–10 gm
  • Divya moti pishti–10 gm
  • Divya yogendra ras–01 gm
  • Divya rasraj ras–01 gm
  • Divya praval pishti–10 gm
  • Divya giloy sat–10 gm
  • Divya medha vati–40 gm
  • Divya trayodashang gugglu–40 gm
  • Divya ashwagandha churna–100 gm
  • Ashwagandha oil–100 gm

How to Use the above Mentioned Divya Pharmacy Products for Paralysis Cure:-

  1. Mix ingredients having numbers- 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 together and divide it in 60 parts. Take the medicine 1 hour before breakfast and dinner.
  2. Medicine number 7 and 8 is to be taken twice a day after breakfast and dinner.
  3. 1 tablespoon of medicine number 9 is to be taken before going to bed and early in the morning.
  4. Medicine number 10 is to massage on the affected area.

Symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease:

  • The very first symptom of Parkinson’s is while sitting idle person’s hands, legs or arms starts shaking and soon when position of person changes everything gets normal.
  • Feeling of tiredness starts prevailing in starting symptom and muscles of hand, face, neck starts showing rigidity and gives problem while moving. It generally slowdowns the body mechanism and body starts functioning slowly.
  • Slow functioning of body makes a person lazy. It also leads to problem in swallowing food caused by weakening of throat muscles.
  • After all these symptoms when person starts losing his strength than he faces the problem when he cannot even stand and walk properly.
  • The earlier symptoms may also lead to anxiety, depression which further deteriorates the condition of person.

These were the common symptoms but now let’s talk about specific types of paralysis and their symptoms.

Localized paralysis

It includes 3 types of paralysis:

  • Facial paralysis
  • Hand paralysis
  • Vocal cord paralysis
Generalized paralysis
  • When only one limb of either arm or hand stops functioning
  • Lower body stops functioning
  • One side of the body gets paralyzed.

Partial paralysis

  • When one leg is healthy and other is paralyzed.

Complete paralysis

  • Muscles of body become non-functional and body lacks movement.

Temporary paralysis

  • After stroke paralysis.
  • Bell’s palsy (facial paralysis).

Causes of Paralysis

Paralysis often occurs when there are nervous and muscular disorders in any of the body part. Some other problems which causes paralysis are- stroke, head injury, spinal cord injury, multiple sclerosis or may be caused by minor or severe accidents, infections, tumors etc. let’s read in detail about some:

Head injury

During minor accidents when we ignore our small problems may give birth to serious or fatal diseases in the future. It can cause paralysis because of some clot of blood left unseen in the affected area.

Multiple sclerosis

It is a type of paralytic disease which is caused because of lack of communication between brain and muscles or nerves, blood cannot be reached to the part which further leads to non-functioning of the body part and cause paralysis.


When some stroke occurs, it causes disturbance in the blood supply to the brain and hinders the routine work of the system. Usually blood circulation is stopped because of blood clot in the brain as brain dies automatically when sufficient amount of oxygen do not reaches to the tissues of brain.

Spinal cord injury

Spinal cord is one of very important body part. It is called the second brain in science language, as some small decisions are taken by it also. It works as mediator between head and whole body and if it is injured then automatically it will hinder the working of brain as it will not be able to transmit signals to the other parts which cause paralysis. It may occur because of some accident, falls etc.

Genes may also be a cause of paralysis in some people.

Here if we are talking about the problem then for sure solutions will also be provided to cure the disease.

Preventive Measures and Diet

  1. Take proper care of yourself as do exercises in the morning. It helps in strengthening the muscles of the body and makes you fit and fine.
  2. Drink plenty of water a day as it helps in proper functioning of body and circulates blood properly to body parts.
  3. Start giving time to you by practicing yoga. If you cannot make a routine yourself then you need to join a yoga class. It is very beneficial.
  4. Practicing meditation early in the morning is one of the oldest and healthiest methods of keeping yourself fit without any side effects.
  5. Soak some almonds for whole night and have it early in the morning. It helps in activating the tissues of the brain and makes it sharp.
  6. Maintain distance with smoking habits and stay away from alcohol as it is main stress giver.
  7. Include some important food items like whole grain bread and food, vegetables, cereals, bran, pasta, rice, fresh fruits etc.

We recommend you to take healthy diet and go for regular medical checkups for healthy future.

Frequently Asked Questions:- (FAQ)

Q1: What Type of Paralysis Treatment Should be Taken?

Ans:- Go for the Aurvedic treatment as it has no side effects.

Q2: Does Water Intake Plays any Role?

Ans:-It will cause problem if not taken Properly.

Q3: Can Minor Accidents Cause Paralysis?

Ans:-If it includes any head injury then you need to get your head scanned for healthy future.

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