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Arthritis / Joint Pain



We usually see our aged relatives struggling with their own self while sitting or getting up after sitting. Some diseases attack people after they attain particular age like when they are in 50’s. The very common among such diseases is arthritis. Earlier we used to see our grandparents suffering from this disease when their age is up to 50 or 60, we could consider it an age effect but now we see our parents in their early 40’s suffering from this disease, it is happening because of lifestyle we our following.
There Are Some Herbal Products We Can Use To Cure Arthritis.

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Herbal Remedies Package And Natural Medicines For Arthritis/ Joint Pain

It is a package that consists of herbal and natural products. It specifically contains some powerful herbs which are just meant to cure the body. This package includes combination of herbs which are useful for arthritis pain. Basically the herbs are traditional and their mixture becomes more powerful and pain relieving. We can call them magical because of their effectiveness.

Usually arthritis leaves a person good for nothing just because it restricts our body movement and keeps a person sitting on one place and it does not let you do your normal day to day activities, also makes you dependent on other for normal works. People suffering from arthritis can use this package of medicine for arthritis.

It Is Only A Natural And Herbal Remedies Treatment Of Arthritis.

Benefits Of The Package

  1. Provides nourishment to the joints and helps in relieving pain.
  2. Product usually works for inflammatory diseases effectively.
  3. Helps providing strength to the weak muscles of the affected area.
  4. Strengthens the joints of the body if applied to them.
  5. Regular usage of the product is very useful.
  6. The important thing is that it has no side effects.

Symptoms Of Arthritis
Swelling – Heavy weight causes swelling in the joints and makes the part fluffy. Sometimes it gets worse and makes it more painful to walk and stand.

Pain– The joint could start showing symptom by pain also as where there is pain there is some problem. It starts paining while any movement. It could be in both sides of body or in fingers, hands, ankles, keens, feet etc. This can be small or big, could only be detected if properly checked by the doctor.

Redness– The joint become reddish in color means some type of problem is going to arise. So get it checked as early as possible.

Fatigue– a general symptom like fatigue can start highlighting itself in the daily routine and it may come and go accordingly depending upon the situation. Fatigue starts as a symptom of arthritis before some months or weeks. Further the problem may cause some illness and depression to the patients.

Stiffness– Early morning stiffness is also an early sign of disease. This stiffness when lasts for around 5 to 6 minutes may be good sign of detecting arthritis in the body. Body may also feel stiff after some inactivity like napping. This could occur at any time of the day.

Minor joint swelling– Swelling in minor joints like of hand fingers or feet fingers is a sign to get it checked. Swelling in the part may last for weeks until you get it cured. If not cured then it may increase its space with time.

Numbness– Numbness in the specific affected part of body is an early sign when you need to start taking precautions for the disease. The joints of either for hand or foot may show this symptom as a normal person can also feel it.

Symptoms Of Arthritis

  1. Dry mouth
  2. Breathing problem
  3. Movement of the affected part
  4. Weight loss
  5. Loss of appetite

Types And Causes Of Arthritis

As doctors says there are more than 100 types of arthritis so obviously every type will attack body because of some different region. Let’s discuss some of them.

Rheumatoid Arthritis (ra)

It is the most common form of arthritis which significantly attacks women more than men, attacks synovial membrane causing pain in joint and it generally attacks when women is between age 40 to 60. Targeted areas are fingers, arms, wrists etc and it does not affect one side of body but other also. Part may become red and puffy. Patients feel tired most of the time of day and stiffness lasts for around 30 minutes after waking up.

Septic Arthritis

It is caused when virus, bacteria or fungi spreads infection in synovial fluid. It spreads through bloodstream of infected tissues and infects a joint. Fever is the common symptom in the patients. Commonly targeted areas are knees, shoulder, elbow etc.


Occurs when cartilages lose their elasticity and become stiff. Because of loss of elasticity, while any movement the bones usually rub each other and cause severe pain. It shows its signs on body slowly and worsens fast. Mostly targeted areas are hands, hips, knees etc.

Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis (jra)

It attacks mostly kids below the age of 16. It is of various forms namely:

  1. Pauciarticular JRA
  2. Polyarticular JRA
  3. Systemic JRA

Prevention of Arthritis

Physical therapy

It makes life of people suffering from arthritis easier and worth living. It includes some type of exercises which strengthens muscles. It includes ways to cure pain without providing any type of medication.

Ignorance To Warning Symptoms

Like pain in part, stiffness, swelling, difficulty in movement of joint.

Maintain Weight

Elasticity decreases between bones because of excess or low weight. Because of this we usually suffer from osteoarthritis.


It is important to do some physical activity in the morning to maintain good health. It helps in losing extra calories we take from food and helps in maintaining weight.

Diet Recommendation For Preventing Arthritis

Omega 3- Fatty Acids

Helps fighting early signs of arthritis like inflammation. It is found in corn, meat, sunflower oil etc.


Add broccoli to your diet. It will help reducing signs of arthritis.


Include dairy products in your diet. It is something very important for health but do ignore oily fish.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1: Can Low Weight Also Cause Arthritis?

Ans: it will cause disease because it will create less fluid in joints.

Q2: Does Exercise Play any Role?

Ans: It leaves impact on whole body as it improves blood circulation in body and protects us form many diseases.

Q3: Is There Any Age Limit For The Disease?

Ans: Earlier there was as it used to attack old age people but now because of change in lifestyle it can appear in young people also.

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