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Treat Your Urinary Incontinence at Home

Having a leaky bladder? No problem! There are several solutions helpful to make you deal with this problem. This is an issue that people usually don’t like to discuss with doctor and reason can be anything like having uncomfortable feeling or feeling shy. So, take some of the steps that can ease your problem and things would be improved to get better condition. Urinary incontinence in women can be treated in some way if you are taking help from the following given ideas.

Pelvic floor exercises- The task of holding your urine can be done by pelvic floor muscles. The leakage of the urine takes place, if the muscles are weak. The weakness of muscles can be there due to any of the reason like pregnancy, overweight or prostate surgery. For improvement in symptoms one can try kegel exercises. Trying the same would end with beneficial results. To stop or control the sudden urge of urine can also be controlled when you are trying pelvic floor exercises. You can also make a practice of the anytime a day by relaxing and contracting the pelvic muscles.d3

Less Liquid- Drinking any of the liquid in excess would result in urge to pee and weak pelvic muscles would not keep you safe from accidents. So, you should cut down the intake of caffeine and alcohol that ends with more urge to urinate. Drink 6-8 glasses of water and try to drink less after 4pm otherwise you need to rush to washroom again and again during the night. This would also concentrate and irritate the lining of your bladder.

d2Set schedule for bathroom- Leaking is a huge issue. It’s not only unhealthy but on the same time it is embarrassing too. Even experts says that one don’t leak when the bladder has nothing to leak. So, you should not wait to urinate till got the feeling of urination but prepare a schedule that after the gap of every 3 hours you have to go for washroom even you are having any urge or not. This is called bladder training. Not only it would settle the schedule but also help you to control your urge.

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