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Yoga Poses That Can Help In Reducing the Menstrual Pain and Flow

Are you dealing with irregular periods these days? Or trying so many treatment go in vain for you? Then you have to yoga practices that would help in easing the condition and making you feel good during that time of the life. Today huge numbers of ladies are dealing with issue and if you would try yoga and give that support of ramdev medicine for irregular periods then would go great for you. Here mentioned are the main and important one yoga practices which are easy to perform and on the same time are highly beneficial.
Bow poseBow pose– Bow poses is one of the effective treatment options one can take help of when dealing with painful menstrual problems. To try the asana you need to lie down straight in the floor in the downward direction. Take the hand behind the body and make them stretch and try to lift the lower portion of the body from the ground floor and meanwhile you have to try to touch your feet. Hold the position for next 15 seconds. Slowly come back in relaxing position and then retry the same. Making 3 repetitions would be wise idea as would offer high flexibility to the body. The asana focus over the belly’s muscles so the focus can be placed over the irregular periods. To perform the pose you need to stretch the body parts and would give favorable results during menstruation.
Locust Pose 2Locust Pose– Locust pose is beneficial for dealing with irregular periods. Performing the same would help in targeting the lower part of the body. It would not only strengthen the abdominal area but on the same time help in connecting muscles. To make that perform, you have to first lie down on the floor and your belly should touch the floor. Keep your hand placed beside the body and palms should face upside. Try to uplift the lower body with abdomen and keep hold the position for next 15 seconds. Slowly release and then again try the same. Regular performance would sooth the irregular period problems and to give support to the asana you can also give a try to ramdev medicine for irregular periods.
Camel pose– The camel pose is another yoga asana which would offer you with high benefits Camel pose 3especially when you are trying to manage the irregular period problems. Trying camel pose would help the muscles abs as make them stretched and relaxed as well. As the name would have given you an idea that during the asana you have to maintain the pose of camel. For performing, first stand over the knees and then bend your body in backward position. Keep trying to hold ankles of the legs using your hands and keep face in backward direction. Hold the position for next 10 seconds; you can do less or more as per your stamina. Doing two times would give you high benefits. Performing that on regular basis would work over the belly and abdominal muscles. You can also stretch the legs and thighs so would keep you away from menstrual pain and cramping as well.

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