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Time to Depend On Beauty Benefits of Potato Juice

Potato is one magical product which is mostly underestimated as a huge number of people around the world think and consider this only as the food we can eat. But the irony is that lots of people around the world are ignorant about the magical beauty benefits of that. Although it is a natural remedy for shining face but this would serve you with huge amount of beauty benefits as well. To extract benefit from potatoes you need just a juicer and washed and potatoes, nothing else. To get the details you have to scroll down as would tell you what you can extracted from the potatoes juice.

Clear the pores– Potato juice is a natural cleanser which is able to clear the pores. To make that work in favor of you, you have to take 5 spoons of potato juice and mix that with a tea spoon of baking soda along with a cup of water. Mix well and apply that all over the face. When it is half dry then massage in circular motions with very light hands, this would prove beneficial to clear the skin from all the impurities, diet and dust which is there.

It’s an anti-aging solution

It’s an anti-aging solution– Fine lines, wrinkles and other aging spots are what everyone has to deal in her life but the irony is that most often ladies don’t wanted to have them or even can’t bear them on the face. So, avoid costly cosmetic surgery, which also make you leave with huge number of side effects. But a safe and cost effective natural remedy for shinning face is to use potato juice. Take fresh potato juice and mix it with equal quantity of yogurt with a spoon of olive oil and then apply all over the face. Face after 15-20 minutes so would offer you with the skin that is glowing and have natural elasticity.

Skin lightening property- Potato juice is loaded with high beaching properties and so is the reason it is used for skin lightening, very effectively. For purpose, mix a spoon of potato and a spoon of lemon juice. Mix well and apply to the area that has dark spots. Regular usage would help in lightening the skin spots appearance.

Dark Circles under eyes-Dark Circles under eyes- You can also dip the cotton ball in the fresh potato juice and directly apply that to the closed lids. This would help in lessening the appearance of dark circles under eyes. When you would have grated potato then after extracting juice you would leave with the pulp you can place that in freezer and use this as the natural remedy for dealing with baggy and dark circles under eyes.

Better skin texture- Potato juice is able to offer you with great skin texture. The task is to mix the potato juice with lemon juice. Mix gently to prepare a gentle paste. Apply that all over the face, hands and neck region. Leave for 20 minutes and then rinse with water.

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