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Right way of running for losing weight fast

You have started running months ago but still can’t able to lose weight? Then it can be quite annoying condition because running has ability to make you lose mega calories. Here given are some of the reason that running would make you lose weight in the desired way you want.


Not Running Enough-In case, after running for weeks or months you won’t be  able to see results then must have to take a look to the calendar. Doing a 45 minute running or 20 minutes running, several times a week,  would not does task you want to make that done. In case, you want to lose pound in just a week then the target should be burning 500 calories in a day and that can be achieved with ease when you combine running with healthy diet and exercises. If the main goal is to lose weight then should run 3-4 times a week and try out calorie burning cardio and metabolism boosting strength training at the alternate days.

Postrun urges- Burning huge amount of calories leaves you with starved feeling afterwards but that really doesn’t mean you can eat anything, making that task done wisely is highly important. Reason, choosing junk foods to fuel your body would give a shake to the calorie chart but on the same time you would feel urge to eat something after an hour. It is essential to have a snack, after running for long. The snack should be filled with proteins and filling carbs but the calorie should not have amount more than 150 calories. If you exercise before consuming anything then have a portioned plate which would have calorie content in a way so that would reward the efforts you have make done at the gym but not spoil that completely. If you feel tired after workout that you are starved utterly after workout then it is an indication you have to eat something healthy before workouts.running for losing weight fast

Not able to burn enough calories– You have given your more than 100% at running and all covered in sweat but is it really make you burn 500 calories? This is a big question. A lady who is having 150 pound can burn 495 calories for running 45 minutes when it is done at 10 minute per mile pace. In case, you didn’t run for that long or in that fast then it is indication you are not burning as much calories you thought. To best way would be to keep a track of your workout and use a heart monitor.


It’s not Just about the scale- Running is excellent exercise that helps to tone down the lower body and it helps in abating fat while building muscles. When the task is of checking density then muscle tissue is denser than fat tissue and needed less space. It is an indication that either your weight might not decrease when other body measurements are getting changed. The number of scale is not always the best ideas to get you are progressing as sometimes you can be losing when the scale is not indicating that change.

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