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Say No to Excessive Weight Gain during Periods

The human body has gone through many metabolic changes during and before the onset of the menstrual cycle. There are changes in woman’s appetite and food intake, her mood changes and sometimes even left with craving for comfort foods and this is one change which left her with temporary weight gain during menstruation. Some other changes are water retention and bloating due to pre-menstrual syndrome. So, ladies often complains that she would have gained weight for 2-3 more kgs during the periods but actually truth is away from that. Nevertheless, it would have caused the unnecessary stress and anxiety for the ladies has main concern for the figure conscious woman. So, she should make correct the menstrual problem she is going through like if she is victim of mennorhagia then have to use remedies for same and when going from another condition then treatment should be taken for same but moreover using ideas that would help to reduce obesity naturally is utterly important and you have to go through them.

Make A Deal With Excessive Weight During Periods

Cut the sodium intake– As told above, get affected with the water retention during menstrual period is issue for that one have to concern for and in case during the time if you would increase the salt intake then aggravate the problems. So, you have to keep a check over the salt intake. For that you need to consume a salt free diet or can also cut down the intake amount. Go easy with salt till the cessation of your menstrual period. Otherwise would add pounds to your weight and I think no lady would wanted to look fat and frumpy in any way.

Drink more waterDrink more water- Water intake is best solution for not only those who wanted to deal with excessive weight issue and helps to reduce obesity naturally. So, be sure, you would have drink adequate amount water on daily basis so would make you sure that the body would have flush out chemicals and salts away. Also, it would assist you in making slimmer. Keep sipping water throughout the day to do the task for you.

Wear loose and comfortable clothes- 3-4 days before starting the periods and especially during the periods it is quite necessary that you would not wear tight clothes but preferably the choice should be comfortable and loose clothes. This would make you help in breathe easily especially when you are dealing with water retention. Wearing too tight garments will pinch the stomach and you would feel uncomfortable and uneasy.

Say no to food allergens

Say no to food allergens– Some of the foods like beans, wheat, lentils and oils are foods that become the reason to keep you at the risk of having gas production in body and bloating as well. So, better you would keep away from such foods. In place of that, necessary idea is that you would keep stick to fruits, vegetables and oats like foods that contained with high water content.



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