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Divya Gashar Churna – a magical product to combat gastrointestinal problems


For treating many gastric disorders Swami Ramdev ji has come up with a blend of herbs to form a wonder product called Divya Gashar Churna. For giving relief from all gastrointestinal ailments this combination of ayurvedic herbs is very advantageous. For fighting gastrointestinal problems like colic pain, heaviness in the abdomen and flatulence this medicine is really very effective. People suffusing from gas problems face a lot of discomfort and uneasiness. However, this herbal medicine gives quick but very effective relief to such discomfort.

Naturally one can get rid of all gastric ailments by using this wonder drug. This medicine works in a great way by supporting the gastric organs to function properly. If digestion of food occurs properly then it means a healthy living. Divya Gashar churna helps increasing appetite naturally and prevents occurrence of gastrointestinal problems and ailments like diarrhea and constipation.

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Herbal Remedies for Gastric Problems

a) Cinnamon – Put one teaspoon of powdered cinnamon in warm milk and drink it to get relief from gas
b) Apple cidar vinegar – For treating gas and indigestion problems this is really a helpful ingredient. Not only will it give relief from stomach problems but it assures a quick relief. One can drink a mixture of warm water and two teaspoon of apple cider vinegar.
c) Ginger –Ginger can be chewed after meals very often to help keep gas and other stomach problems away. Fresh ginger pieces or small crushed ginger in food can give you relief.
d) Garlic –Garlic is pungent and hence it acts as a great stimulant to gastric problem. Hence people suffering from gas gets an instant relief by using garlic in food. Fresh garlic soup can be consumed for long term solution to gastrointestinal problems.

 Benefits of Divya Gashar Churna
a) Divya Gashar Churna is a great natural way to combat stomach gas problem.
b) Since it helps in digestion of food, it helps keep acidity levels in check and relieves the body from sensations of heartburn.
c) People suffering from gastrointestinal problems also get a quick relief by taking this medicine.
d) It helps increasing appetite and heals gastric ulcers fast
e) It is very good to relieve a person gastrointestinal problems, diarrhoea and constipation.
f) Since it prevents the creation of gas in the stomach, it relieves one from heaviness in the stomach and abdominal pain.

How to Take the Divya Gashar ChurnaHerbal Remedies for Gastric Problems

For getting a relief from stomach gas problem one can use this medicine along with lukewarm water after food. It needs to be taken regularly for a long time.

Prevents many Gastrointestinal Diseases

Divya Gashar Churna is a natural and herbal remedy for stomach gas problems. It helps in giving fast relief to stomach problems like gas, abdominal pain, flatulence etc. It is excellent for treating problems of heartburn and acidity. It also relieves from colic pain or problems of anorexia which is experienced after meals.

Home remedies and suggestions to treat gastric problems
a) It is said that a mix of baking soda and water if taken after meals is extremely beneficial and prevents any kind of gastric disorders.
b) Take three potatoes and boil them in water. Now, use some of that water to drink. This gives a fast relief to gastric problems
c) Before every meal one is recommended to have a mix of lemon juice in lukewarm water.
d) To treat problems of acidity and hyperacidity, tulsi is a great ingredient. Chewing regularly early in the morning can help reduce gas permanently.
e) Take a pinch of asafoetida in a glass of warm water and drink it regularly for relieving all stomach problems
f) Digestive disorders like gas, abdomen pain, flatulence, heaviness can be stopped by eating a mix of coriander paste with ginger.
g) Garlic if taken raw or cooked gives relief from gas.

Symptoms of Gastrointestinal Diseases

a) Reflux and heartburn
b) Indigestion
c) Nausea
d) Vomiting
e) Peptic ulcer problem
f) Abdominal pain
g) Bloating, flatulence
h) Gallbladder problems

Causes of Gastric Ailments

1.Reflux–One of the common symptoms of occurrence of reflux is a sensation of heartburn. Not only does it causes pain but also its long term harm to the esophagus can cause cancer in the esophagus.

  1. Peptic Ulcer–Another reason for stomach gas problems is presence of peptic ulcers.

The most common symptom is abnormal abdominal pain. Excessive smoking, drinking and usage of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs can cause such harmful ulcers. If not treated properly it can be a cause of huge internal bleeding. It gradually can create holes in the wall of the stomach or the small intestine. This leads to severe infection.

  1. Gallstones–One of the common result of long term gastrointestinal problems is the creation of gallstones. These are nothing but small pebbles created inside stomach from cholesterol and bile salts.

If the gall bladder is removed it gets rid from gallstones.

Dietary recommendations to treat gastrointestinal diseases

This ayurvedic medicine is useful for all kind of gastric disorders. Along with taking this medicine if one makes certain dietary transformations then the results will be far more effective. One must take into account that if one is suffering from digestive problems one should not eat one after another meal. One must give proper gap and allow one meal to digest properly and then have the next meal. Proteins and fats are not easy to digest. People suffering are recommended to eat more carbohydrates. One must avoid fatty food and have only good and easily digestible food.

Lifestyle changes for Effective Cure

It is said that medicine alone cannot cure digestive problems. One must make some changes in the lifestyle for a permanent and much more effective cure.

1.Daily walking for 30 minutes in the morning and evening is highly recommended

2.It is also suggested for taking dinner two hours before going to sleep daily

3.Drinking beverages like caffeine, tea or alcohol must be avoided strongly.

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