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What Makes Type 1 Diabetes Different From Type 2 Diabetes?

As diabetes is a common health problem and so the myths attached to that are even more common but the reality is most of the assumptions aren’t always correct. Much confusion can be there when people say that there are two types of diabetes but don’t know actually what the main difference is. People with Type 1 diabetes or with type 2 diabetes would need to know the managing tricks of the same. There are quite a lot of differences in them but a thing that connect their strings is that both of the types are involved in inability to control blood sugar levels but don’t forget to look at the below mentioned differences.

Taking insulin is must for everyone with Type 1 diabetes but for type 2 patients it varies

Type 1 diabetics, don’t make any insulin and so is the reason they need to resist over the daily insulin injections or have to wear insulin pump that is attached to their bodies as in absence of insulin they would diet but the whole picture is completely different for type 2 diabetics and they are available with various treatment options. They would get betterment in condition with getting healthy diet, doing regular exercise or dealing with obesity. Even they can eat pills for insulin production or managing lower blood sugar levels. In case, all such efforts not go in favor of the patient then only required to take insulin injections.

types-of-diabetes 2Type 1 is an autoimmune system but type 2 isn’t

Diabetes is an issue with insulin, a hormone that changes sugar from the food you eat into energy. So, when body would have lack of insulin, then sugar started building up in bloodstream and are reason for making you sick. Patients of Type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes have to deal with the issue but how it takes place varies. Type 1 patients don’t make insulin at all and that makes it fall in the category of autoimmune disease where the system kills and insulin making cells in the pancreas. The real cause is not actually known but if it is running in your family then increases your risk more. Type 2 patients can make insulin but the amount is not enough so can be used efficiently,. If you are obese or living a sedentary lifestyle then enhances your risk of type 2 diabetes. Same like type 1 diabetes, having that in your family history makes you more likely to get the problem.

Type 1 diabetes is more common with dangerous level of low blood sugar

Having high blood sugar is not good for health but if the level is too low then would go more severe and leaves you with weakness, shakiness, sweating and dizziness. When the condition becomes severe then even can become threat for life. Anyone can experience low blood sugar but it’s quite common for type 1 diabetics and so is suggested to check the insulin intake as per the need and activity level. To get that figured out is not that easy and in case by chance you would have taken more insulin than you need can make blood sugar levels plummet or can leave low blood sugar levels.

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