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Yoga DVD for High Blood Pressure in English and Hindi by Swami Ramdev ji


Yoga DVD for High Blood Pressure in English and Hindi by Swami Ramdev Ji is perfect remedy for heart diseases. Now a day’s many people are suffering from heart diseases like high blood pressure, heart attack, stroke etc. Recommended Yoga for heart helps to cure high blood pressure naturally. Regular yoga helps to lower down high blood pressure.

Many people used many types of medications to control the high blood pressure. But study suggests that there is no medication that can cure high blood pressure permanently. But Yoga is one of the traditional ways which reduce the high blood pressure and prevent from high blood pressure permanently. In the DVD Baba Ramdev perform all the asana for Yoga which are easy to perform. Yoga for blood pressure reduces your medications and prevents you from many types of heart diseases.

Benefits of Yoga

  • Yoga is 100% natural and produces no bad effects on your body. People of any age can do yoga asana to control blood pressure.
  • Yoga helps to circulate the blood in whole body.
  • You can perform all the asana at home. There is no need to go anywhere.
  • Regular Yoga helps to lower down high blood pressure and prevent from many types of heart diseases.
  • Yoga helps to make you physically and mentally fit.

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Symptoms of High Blood Pressure

  1. In a research on people who are suffering from high blood pressure, it is found that headache is the most common symptom of hypertension.
  2. Bleeding from Nose. It is also a common symptom of high blood pressure. According to the research 20% people are suffering from nose bleeding in high blood pressure.
  3. If you are suffering from any disease like diabetes, then the blood spot in eyes is a sign of blood pressure problem.
  4. Pain in shoulder, arms and hands.
  5. Shortage of breath.
  6. Feeling weakness in body. In high blood pressure our body’s organs become weak and we are feeling weakness without reason.

Causes of High Blood Pressure

Too much Smoking and Alcohol: Smoking and Alcohol not only produce heart problem, they can lead to many types of other diseases like diabetes, stress, depression and overweight. According to the research in USA 40% deaths are occurring because of smoking and alcohol related diseases.

Your Emotions: Sometimes we are taking too much stress on anything, than we are on risk of developing heart diseases. People who are taking more stress they have more chances of developing heart diseases.

Unhealthy Diet: Our body needs proper nutrients and vitamins to work efficiently. If you are not taking healthy diet the result comes in the form of diseases. Lack of nutrients and vitamins can lead to high blood pressure.

Dehydration: Study recommended 3 liters of water in a day. Sometimes we are not taking proper water and we may suffer from dehydration, this can lead to heart diseases like high blood pressure and heart attack.

Too much use of Salt: Salt is not good for our health. People take more salt in diet. They are on risk of developing heart problems.

Genetic: Heart diseases are genetic problem. If there is a history of heart attacks in your family, you can also suffer from heart problems.

Prevention in Heart Diseases

Reduce Salt intake: Don’t take too much salt. If you reduce the salt in dishes, you reduce the 40% risk of developing high blood pressure.

Eat a Healthy Plan: To provide energy to your body, make a healthy diet plan which helps to increase your body’s strength. Don’t skip meals and takes the nutrients rich diet regularly.

Drink Water: Drink atleast 3 liters of water in a day. Water helps to detox the body and also helps to digest the food in body. So water is very important for our health.

Quit to smoking and Alcohol: Smoking and Alcohol are very harmful for health. Alcohol contains many types of  chemical substances which can lead to heart diseases. So try to prevent from smoking and alcohol.

Regular Checkup: If you have any family history related heart problems. Then regular checkup is necessary for you.

Control Stress: Everyone faces some kind of stress in his life. But important thing is that how you control your stress. Too much stress is not good for health. So learn how to prevent from stress.

Diet Recommend in High Blood Pressure

  • Banana is a great source of potassium and Vitamin C. Potassium help to lower down high blood pressure. Daily one banana is very good for your heart.
  • Leafy green foods are very good for your health. They are rich in potassium and sodium. Leafy green foods include kale, collard, spinach and lettuce.
  • Oatmeal is a  great source of fiber. It helps  to digest your food properly and oats are very good for health.
  • Eat oranges, Orange are great source of vitamin C, which helps to lower down your high blood pressure.
  • Do not eat the foods which contain no nutrients and are difficult to digest.
  • Eat more raw vegetables. Raw vegetables are very good for health. You can take raw vegetables as salad.

Home Remedy Advice in High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is a very dangerous disease and by following a proper lifestyle you can prevent from heart disease. Eat healthy diet, nutrients in diet helps to control functions of you body. Eat only those foods which are easy to digest. Avoid stress from life. Regular Yoga helps you get rid out of high blood pressure. Yoga is a popular therapy all over the world and people follow yoga to treat their diseases. If you eat a healthy diet and follow Yoga daily, you can get quick relief from high blood pressure.

Frequently Asked Question About High Blood Pressure

Q1. Benefits of Water in High Blood Pressure?

Water helps to prevent us from high blood pressure. Water detoxes our body and removes all the salts and toxins from the body.

Q2. Benefits of Yoga?

Yoga is a natural therapy that helps to increase the blood circulation in the body and control our body functions.

Q3. If I Lose My Extra Weight, Than Can I Control My Pressure?

Yes, Overweight is also a reason behind high blood pressure. When we control our weight, our high blood pressure is automatically decreased.

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