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Yoga DVD for Kidney with Best Exercise about Kidney Infection Cure


Yoga DVD for Kidney helps to treat all types of kidney diseases. Kidney is major organ of our body. Kidney helps to filtre our blood and helps to eliminate all the wastes from body. When we drink water, it clear all the toxins and wastes from body, after that our kidney function retain the actual water which our body needs and remaining waster is eliminated as urine.. So that’s why kidneys function is very important for body. If our kidney functions are not working properly than we may suffer from many types of diseases.

People who are suffering from Kidney diseases their life become very miserable. Kidney patients take many medicines to get rid from kidney problem. But these medications are very costly and do not work for a very long time. These medications produce many types of effects on our body. Baba Ramdev who is also known as Yoga Guru, provide some special Yoga, Asana and Exercise which helps to get rid from kidney diseases naturally. Yoga DVD for Kidney gives natural solution for kidney function. This DVD contains some special type of exercise for kidneys, which helps to improve your kidney function. In the DVD Baba Ramdev explain all the information about asana and exercise. Special Yoga for Kidneys Function helps to improve the strength of kidney function and keep your kidneys clean. In the DVD all the yoga, asana and excises are specially recommended for kidney patients.

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Benefits of Yoga

  • People who are suffering from kidney diseases they can use this DVD and get relief from kidney diseases.
  • All the Yoga and exercise are simple and easy to use.
  • Yoga has no side effects and can be done everyday to improve kidney function.
  • You can perform all the yoga and exercise at home, you have no need to go anywhere outside.
  • Yoga and Exercise helps to normalize the kidney function and maintain the strength of your organs.
  • Yoga helps to eliminate all the wastes from body.
  • Regular exercise for kidney function is very effective and maintains optimum functioning of kidneys.

Symptoms of Kidney Diseases

Many people who are suffering from kidney diseases they do not recognize the early symptoms of kidney diseases. So if you want to prevent from kidney diseases than you must be aware about early symptoms of kidney diseases. If you recognize the kidney diseases in early stage than the treatment becomes very easy.

  1. Little blood in urine and most of the time get up in the nights to pass the urine.
  2. Feeling difficulty to pass the urine.
  3. Swelling or inflammation in legs and ankles.
  4. Sudden weight loss.
  5. Taste of mouth also changes and bad breath occurs due to the formation of ammonia.

 Causes of Kidney Diseases

Too many Diseases: As we know that diseases are not good for our body. Somehow they effect our body organs and produce weakness in body. Some major diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes and heart attack break the vessels in kidneys and lead to some serious diseases. According to the research by health department Diabetes is No 1 cause of kidney diseases.

Drink less Water: There is a special relation of water with our kidney. Lack of water in body can produce health related diseases like heart attack, stress, depression and diabetes etc. With the help of water kidney cleans the wastes from body. When we are not drinking enough water than our kidneys do not function properly and it can lead to kidney problems.

 High Fever: People who are suffering from kidney diseases because of any infection or bacteria, they will have fever. If you are suffering from high fever 2 to 3 times in a month it means any infection or bacteria develop in your body.

Too much use of medications: Medications are rich with many types of compounds which help to get relief from diseases, but they directly affect on kidney and heart function. Treatment of longtime diseases like diabetes and heart diseases can lead to some other serious diseases.

Drinking Alcohol: Alcohol is not good for our body. It is like a small dose of poison that effects on body after sometimes. It can raise some serious diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes and stress. All these diseases can develop kidney diseases.

Prevention in Kidney Diseases

The most important prevention about kidney diseases is to detect them in early stages. If you remember some important things about your kidney disease, then you can reduce the risk of developing kidney diseases.

Be Aware about Your Health: Many people are suffering from some long time diseases like diabetes and high blood pressure. It is very important for them to manage their diseases. People who are suffering from diabetes and heart related problem, they must get their kidney function tested after every 6 months.

Drink Alcohol in Limit: Drinking too much alcohol can produce high blood pressure problem and alcohol raises blood cholesterol level. Too much alcohol damages the blood vessels, so best thing about alcohol is to stay in limit.

Go for Exercise Regularly: Exercise is best medicine for your whole body. Exercise helps to treat kidney related problem. In a research it is proved that people who regularly exercise they have very less chances of developing diseases.

Don’t use Painkillers: If you use any type of painkillers to reduce the pain, then you must be aware about the side effects of painkillers. Try to use less painkillers, there are many types of treatments available to get relief from pain.

Diet Recommended in Kidney Diseases

You must change in your diet to prevent from kidney diseases. We recommended some healthy foods for you to prevent from kidney diseases.

  • Use more Garlic. Garlic helps to prevent from teeth’s problems, helps to reduce high cholesterol level and reduce the inflammation.
  • Onion contains powerful antioxidant content which helps to fight against bacteria and infections which can cause kidney related diseases.
  • Apple is a great source of fiber and contains anti-inflammatory properties. Regular use of one apple reduces the cholesterol level.
  • Use sodium in limit.
  • Drink 3 liter of water in a day.
  • Drink lemon juice twice in a weak. Lemon juice helps to eliminate the toxins from body.

Home Remedy Advice in Kidney Diseases

Kidneys are very important organ of our body. Kidney helps to eliminate the toxins from body. If you take healthy diet and stay prevented from bad habits which can develop kidney disease, then you can secure yourself from kidney diseases. Drink enough water in day. Go for exercise regularly, exercise helps to protect you from kidney related problems.

Frequently Asked Question about Kidney Diseases

Q1. How Much Water Consume in Kidney Diseases?

10 to 12 glasses of water or 3 liters water in a day is recommended in kidney diseases.

Q2. Can we Prevent from Kidney Diseases?

Yes, if you follow a healthy lifestyle and take healthy diet than you can prevent from kidney diseases.

Q3. I am 65 Years Old and Suffering from Kidney Diseases Can I follow Yoga?

Yes, any age of people who suffering from kidney diseases they can follow yoga.

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