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Yoga Exercises for Childless Couple DVD by Baba Ramdev Patanjali Yogpeeth


Yoga for Childless Couple DVD is specially developed for childless couples. Baba Ramdev is a Yoga Guru, they recommended some unique asana which helps eliminate infertility problems in childless couples. Yoga for Childless Couple helps treat some disorders which are major reason behind inability to give birth. It is recommended for those men and women who suffer from infertility problem. It helps to treat diseases like low sperm count, low hormones level, slow blood circulations and menstrual cycle disorder etc.

DVD contains some simple and unique asana which treat your problem without producing any side effects. You have no need to take any medicine. It provides you a natural relief. All the Yoga for increasing fertility are simple and fully explained by Baba Ramdev. Childless couple can follow these exercises and prevent from diseases.

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DVD contains many types of home remedies and information about Ayurveda herbs. Now a day’s many couples are suffering from child birth problem. They do not bear a child on the time, Such couples can use this DVD to learn yoga exercises. Baba Ramdev Yoga for Childless Couple is available in both English and Hindi, you can very easily follow it.

Benefits of Yoga DVD for Childless Couple

There are many types of benefits of Yoga including:-

  • DVD contains some special Yoga like Vajrasana, it helps to increase your sperm count and very helpful in many sexual diseases.
  • Yoga helps to improve your blood flow and provide proper blood to your sexual organs.
  • Regular yoga helps to remove toxins from body and increases the hormones level in body.
  • Sukhasana is simple asana that is specially recommended for stress relief and anxiety problems.
  • You can use Yoga to get proper sleep. Yoga Nidra helps to remove strain and manage your blood pressure.
  • DVD contains some information about Ayurveda herbs which helps you to make you medicine at home and you can also follow some home remedies and prevent from diseases.

Symptoms of Sexual Diseases

There are some common symptoms of sexual diseases including:-

  1. Pain while passing urine
  2. Dry and itchy skin
  3. Burning Urination
  4. Pain or inflammation in vagina
  5. Suddenly weight loss or weight gain
  6. Feeling pain during sex
  7. Vomiting
  8. Fever

Causes of Sexual Diseases

Sexual Diseases can be caused by:-

  • According to the research in UK, Public Health England found that 40% people are diagnosed with HIV in 2011. The main reason behind it unprotected sexual contact.
  • Some infections produce many types of sexual diseases. Infections and virus can lead to low production of sperm count. Infections and virus can develop sexual diseases like Chlamydia and gonorrhea etc.
  • People who drink too much alcohol can also suffer from infertility problems. Alcohol can lead to many types of sexual diseases.
  • Low Blood circulation is another common factor. Healthy Blood supply is needed to prevent from diseases. Sometimes our blood circulation becomes slow and we are suffering diseases.
  • Too much use of medications. People who are suffering from long term diseases they used several types of medications to prevent from diseases. Generally they are suffering from sexual diseases.

Prevention in Sexual Diseases

The best way to prevent from diseases is to make changes in your life style and avoid some unhealthy things:

  1. Try to manage your diseases naturally. Sometimes, people use too many medication to get relief from diseases. Try to use natural therapies, they contain no side effects and are very effective. In a research it is proved that natural medicines are more effective than other medications and they produces no side effects.
  2. Drink 3 liters of water in a day. Water is your natural medicine. Water helps to remove toxins from body and improve your blood flow.
  3. Use less alcohol and quit to smoking. Tobacco contains 40,000 different types of chemicals which affect our body. So try taking alcohol in limit and don’t use tobacco products.
  4. Know about your diet. Some foods improve our blood flow and some reduce the flow of blood. So be aware before using any food.
  5. Go for Yoga and exercise regularly.
Diet Recommended in Sexual Diseases

Here are some foods which help to increase strength and prevent you from sexual diseases:-

  • In a research it is proved that more use of vegetables and fruits helps to increase strength in men. So try to take more antioxidant, proteins and vitamin rich diet.
  • Eat more dairy products. Cheese helps to increase your sperm count and eliminate the low sperm count problems.
  • Don’t eat the meat. Meat increases the risk of developing infertility in women. Women can use plant based protein and reduce the risk of infertility.
  • Use less calorie intake. Consumption of high calorie can produce obesity. So try to take less calorie rich foods.

Home Remedy Advice in Sexual Diseases

Sexual diseases can be harmful. Many people are suffering from these diseases. If you want to prevent from Diseases than you have to change your lifestyle. Exercise and Yoga is very important to prevent from diseases. So go for Yoga and exercise atleast five times in a weak. Drink adequate water in day. Use healthy diet, increase protein and antioxidant rich diet intake and use less salted diet. Try to manage your diseases naturally. Natural treatments ate more effective than conventional medications.

Frequently Asked Question About Sexual Diseases

Q1. How Can I Prevent from Sexual Diseases?

You can follow a healthy lifestyle and prevent from sexual diseases. Take a nutrients rich diet and practice Yoga.

Q2. I am suffering from Low Sperm Count Can use this DVD?

Yes, you can use this DVD as recommended asana helps to increase production of sperm.

Q3. How Many Times Yoga Recommended in a Day?

Daily 30 to 45 minutes Yoga recommended in a day.

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